Permanent Shoring


IDEAL Helical Tieback Anchors offer an ideal solution for permanent retaining wall shoring in restricted access areas or locations where extensive excavations, cleanup, and vibrations pose challenges. These anchors surpass other shoring methods by requiring smaller equipment, fewer crew members, and less time for installation. Using a hydraulic drill head on commonly available construction equipment, these permanent retaining wall anchors are seamlessly installed. The anchor’s load capacity is determined during installation, considering the torque applied to the anchor.

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Advantages of using using Helical Tieback Anchors in permanent shoring job sites

  • Immediate Proof Test & Load: With no curing time required, these anchors can be promptly subjected to loads, ensuring immediate support and stability for the retaining wall.
  • Installation with Readily Available Equipment: The use of commonly accessible construction equipment, coupled with the hydraulic drill head, simplifies, and expedites the installation process.
  • Enhanced Adaptability to Changing Soil Conditions: The helical plates on the anchors allow for swift and efficient soil penetration, granting stability and load-bearing capacity even in soil conditions that may vary or undergo changes.
  • Excavation & Spoils Elimination: By minimizing the need for extensive excavation, IDEAL Helical Tieback Anchors reduce the generation of spoils, streamlining the project and avoiding the costs and efforts associated with spoils removal.
  • All-Weather Installation: Regardless of weather conditions, these anchors can be installed, ensuring continuous progress without being hindered by adverse weather.
  • No Dewatering: The installation of these anchors does not necessitate dewatering, eliminating the requirement for additional equipment, time, and expenses related to water removal.
  • Reduced Labor & Equipment Costs: With smaller equipment requirements and a decreased crew size, the installation of IDEAL Helical Tieback Anchors leads to cost savings in terms of labor and equipment. 


IDEAL Helical Anchor Mooring Systems utilize helical anchors, also known as screw anchors or helical piles, to anchor marine structures effectively. These anchors feature helical-shaped plates or flights at their lower ends, which are screwed into the seabed or riverbed. The upper ends are connected to mooring lines, securely fastening the structure in place.


When it comes to permanent shoring for retaining walls in challenging environments, IDEAL Helical Tieback Anchors provide an ideal solution. Their versatility, efficiency, and optimized load capacity make them the preferred choice for construction professionals and engineers seeking reliable and cost- effective shoring solutions.


At Intech Anchoring Systems, we specialize in IDEAL Helical Tieback Anchors for permanent shoring applications. With our expertise and experience, we can assist you in designing and implementing a tailored shoring solution that meets your project’s unique requirements.

Secure your permanent retaining walls with confidence using IDEAL Helical Tieback AnchorsOur years of experience, tied with supplying the right geotechnical product, and your builder’s integrity makes the right team for your construction project. 

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