Helical Tiebacks


Tieback anchors serve as crucial retaining wall anchoring systems designed to provide horizontal reinforcement and stabilization to both permanent and temporary structures that experience lateral loads from soil and water.

Helical tieback anchors are specifically employed in combination with various earth retaining systems, including sheet piles and soldier piles. They are utilized to enhance the lateral resistance of the structure, surpassing the capacity achievable through a cantilevered wall alone. This additional support helps to counteract the forces exerted by the surrounding soil.

The helical design of these tieback anchors allows for a quick and cost-effective installation process. By utilizing helical plates or helices, the anchors can be easily advanced into the soil, providing high load-bearing capacities. Capacities of up to 200,000 lbs. per anchor can be achieved with this efficient helical tieback system.


The control of torque directly influences the capacity of helical tieback anchors. These anchors can be installed into the retained soil using hydraulic rotary drilling equipment that is readily available.

During installation, the minimum required length of the tieback anchor is achieved. The capacity of the anchor is then determined by measuring the installation torque and correlating it with the holding capacity ratio of the soil strength. This torque reading provides a direct indication of the load-bearing capacity of the anchor.

Once the desired capacity is reached, the helical tiebacks are immediately tensioned and tested, eliminating the need for curing time or cleaning up excavated materials. This process saves a significant amount of time and cost associated with the project. The ability to tension and test the tiebacks immediately after installation allows for efficient progress and ensures that the desired load-bearing capacity is achieved.


  • Flexibility with Changing Soil Conditions: IDEAL Helical Tieback Anchors offer maximum flexibility in adapting to varying soil conditions, allowing for reliable performance even in challenging environments.
  • Compatibility with Readily Available Construction Equipment: These tieback anchors can be installed using commonly available construction equipment, making the installation process convenient and cost-effective.
  • No Spoils to Remove: Unlike traditional methods, IDEAL Helical Tieback Anchors do not require the removal of spoils, reducing the need for excavation and cleanup efforts.
  • Elimination of Concrete Trucks and Grout Pumps: The installation of these anchors does not rely on concrete trucks or grout pumps, resulting in savings in equipment and material costs.
  • Predictable Capacity Proportional to Installation Torque: The capacity of IDEAL Helical Tieback Anchors can be accurately determined based on the installation torque, providing predictable and reliable load-bearing capabilities.
  • All-Weather Installation: These tieback anchors can be installed in any weather condition, ensuring project progress and avoiding delays caused by unfavorable environmental factors.
  • Immediate Proof Testing and Tension Loading: Once installed, IDEAL Helical Tieback Anchors can be promptly proof tested and loaded, allowing for immediate verification of their performance and load-bearing capacity.
  • Labor Cost Reduction: The installation process of IDEAL Helical Tieback Anchors is streamlined, minimizing labor costs and increasing overall project efficiency.
  • Reusability: Retaining wall anchors can be extracted and reused for future projects, providing a cost-effective and sustainable solution.
  • Limited Access Installation: IDEAL Helical Tieback Anchors can be installed in limited access areas, making them suitable for projects with space constraints or challenging site conditions.



Location – Indiana

Product(s) – 8/10/12 X 5ft Tiebacks

Project Type(s) – Retaining Walls

Sector – Health Care

Intech’s Engineering Team Facilitates Successful Installation of 24 –  8/10/12 X 5ft Tiebacks for Retaining Walls

In a project initially characterized by time constraints and multiple redesigns, Intech’s partnership played a crucial role in delivering successful results. Despite encountering challenges such as the need for design modifications even after the initial material shipment, Intech’s engineering team effectively collaborated with engineers from three different companies, ensuring alignment and synchronization of efforts.

Through effective communication and coordination, Intech’s engineering team successfully facilitated the development of a final design that met all project requirements. Additionally, thanks to Intech’s extensive inventory, the team was able to accommodate and incorporate bolt-on 14″ helices, providing the necessary adjustments without compromising on quality or efficiency.

The outstanding service provided by Intech and the seamless collaboration between all parties involved left Intech’s partner extremely satisfied with the outcome. By leveraging their expertise, comprehensive inventory, and efficient coordination, Intech demonstrated its commitment to delivering exceptional results in challenging project scenarios.

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