What Is An Underpinning System?

Underpinning systems are used to transfer a load of the structure to bearing “helix” plates located in stable soil/strata. Intech’s underpinning systems offer fast, predictable, and measurable results and are building code–evaluated and accepted systems.

Underpinning products from Intech Anchoring can be used in residential construction or repair of existing structures, industrial and commercial applications in limited-access or environmentally sensitive areas, for vibration-free construction and loads subject to compression, and for uplift. They are also used for tower foundations, heavy equipment foundations, and many other deep foundation applications.

Helical Underpinning Anchors from Intech Anchoring are rated up to 100,000 pounds each. These are available in round or square shafts, manufactured from high-strength galvanized steel. Special patented brackets are used to stabilize or lift foundations in distress. CHANCE is the only company with a pre-engineered and manufactured underpinning system evaluated and listed by all the national building code agencies. Click here to learn more about helical pier installation.

Resistance Piles, also known as push piles or jacked piles, are commonly used to remediate structural settlement. Resistance Piles are hydraulically driven to competent load-bearing strata. Learn more about Resistance Piles here. They are used primarily for the underpinning and repair of residential or commercial buildings. They are installed in either interior or exterior locations.

Foundation Underpinning Systems From Intech Anchoring

Underpinning is the process of transferring the weight of a structure to more suitable soil than where it currently resides. This method produces structural support strength and can protect existing foundations from further or future damage. Most of the products we offer were all designed specifically to provide structural stability of this kind.

When you partner with Intech Anchoring, you can count on our product recommendations and the expert advice of our engineers to have your best interests in mind. When we recommend a product, that endorsement is geared to your unique needs and what is best for your project.

Offering You Every Advantage Available With Intech Anchoring

When it comes to meeting your needs, we are not dedicated to one brand or manufacturer over another, our greatest loyalty is to what benefits our customers the most. We work with a variety of manufacturers, such as CHANCE, Atlas, Magnacore, Carbonbond, and even have our own patented Hydraway products. We have these many partners because our services are loyal to your requirements instead of to a singular manufacturer. Intech Anchoring has grown our organization to offer customers every advantage that we can. We have large inventory quantities in both of our locations. We have built out this library of products to ensure that we are prepared to respond to your needs in a timely fashion.

Intech Anchoring has a full line of rental equipment that is available for you and is backed by our engineering support. You can have our team members on site to make sure that every piece of equipment is coordinated correctly and according to the appropriate engineering specifications. We are more than just a low-cost provider of products and customer service; we are here to offer you the competitive edge that your business needs.

Our team is flexible with payment options, like try-and-buy or applying your rental fees to the final purchase. We provide engineering support, competitive pricing, and shortened lead times to help ensure that your next project bid is a success. Intech Anchoring is the professional partner and provider that your team needs.

To learn more about the underpinning systems available from us, contact Intech Anchoring today.

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