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Rock Drills and Micropiling Equipment

Whether you need limited access installation equipment to attach to a skid steer, or excavator mounted feed systems when access is not limited, Intech Anchoring has your hollow bar installation solution.

Grout and Mixing Plants

Intech Anchoring is the Midwest Distributor of ChemGrout mixers and pumps and maintains inventory for immediate rental or purchase. The ChemGrout mixers and pumps enable high volume production and continuous mixing for a broad range of grouting applications.

Helical Installation Equipment

Intech Anchoring partners with the leading Anchor Drive and Helical Drive Head equipment manufacturers maintaining an extensive inventory of options for either rent or purchase.

Resistance Pier Installation Equipment

Intech Anchoring maintains an extensive inventory of resistance “push” pier equipment. These installation kits  include all the necessary equipment to install our ATLAS resistance piers for foundation underpinning.

Load Test Equipment

Intech Anchoring supports a wide variety of equipment for deep foundation and anchoring load test requirements.  Our team of engineers is available to assist you with your technical needs and load test requirements.

Installation Equipment

Piering & Anchoring Installation Equipment Training and Support

Intech Anchoring Systems provides technical training and support for many types of installation equipment that we offer for rent or purchase.

Equipment Fleet

Intech Anchoring offers the latest design in mixing equipment specific for Micropile and Anchor installations. Our ChemGrout plants are diesel powered, colloidal mixing grout plants. These grout plants can be paired with our Word Drill feed systems to install our Magnacore Hollow Bar System.

Our ChemGrout systems enable high volume production and continuous mixing for a broad range of deep foundation and anchoring applications. Applications include micropiles, soil nails, tiebacks, void filling, waterproofing, soil anchors, cable bolts, rock bolts, well encasements, contact grouting, well abandonment, marine/underwater, post-tensioning, precast, machine base installation, self-leveling floor underlayments, and slab undersealing.

Intech offers various feed systems in our rental fleet to support the Magnacore Hollow Bars, also known as Self-Drilling Anchor product line. We proudly partner with WORD Rock Drills as their Midwest Distributor of installation equipment for either rent or purchase.

Our fleet of installation equipment includes drills with limited access capability that  These drills are used in the most confined spaces imaginable. These drills are used in the most confined spaces imaginable.

We also offer the Skid Steer Mounted System which can be utilized to install various size micropiles in locations where overhead limitations prevent the use of a full-size excavator. The shorter mast system, coupled with a high flow skid steer provides access to hard to reach locations with the ability to hammer in deep rock sockets for high capacity micropiles. These limited accesse feed systems can handle up to 5-foot lengths of hollow bar and the drifter is capable of installing up to a 3-inch diameter hollow bar. The attachment interface with the Skid Steer is a Universal Skid Steer Attachment Plate.

The Excavator Mounted System is our most popular drilling system for hollow bars. The stable excavator base with a long boom combines to form an excellent drilling platform. The Excavator Drilling Attachment receives hydraulic power from the excavator’s auxiliary hydraulic circuit. This system from Intech Anchoring includes the WORD Rock Drill feed system and a Eurodrill Hydraulic Drifter that is capable of installing a 3-inch hollow bar in 10-foot segments. A quick attach adapter suited with 80mm pins to connect to most 20-ton excavators is available, as well as adapters can be fabricated for any excavator.

Intech Anchoring offers hydraulic drifters and rock drills available for rent or purchase to support our Magnacore Hollow Bar product line. Rock Drills from Intech Anchoring incorporate a patented feature that only allows full percussion power when the drill string is engaged. By eliminating dry firing in the percussion unit, this simple feature extends the lifetime of the drill.  Intech Anchoring supplies some of the most technically advanced drilling equipment available today.

Intech currently partners with three leading equipment manufacturers to support any helical anchor installation needs.

The 20,000 ft-lb Anchor Drive Head Kit is the ideal size for larger helical projects up to 2” square shaft or 3.5” round shaft material.

The 12,000 ft-lb Anchor Drive Head Kit is the standard size workhorse for installing helical with a skid steer or mini excavator. This drive head can be used for up to 1.75” square shaft or 2.875” round shaft material.

A Kelly bar adapter, wireless digital torque indicator, and installation tool are included with all rentals.

The Portable Helical Anchor Drive Head Kit can be operated with as small as a two-man crew to install helical anchors in basements or other locations with overhead limitations. The reaction arm must be braced against a solid surface such as a basement wall or floor to provide resistance against the 7,000 ft-lb of potential torque that this tool can achieve. The kit comes complete with a foot control pedal and hydraulic hoses.

Additionally, Intech offers sales and support for trusted helical anchor drive heads from a variety of manufacturers. Single-speed and dual-speed drives available with torque ranges from 2500 ft-lbs up to 360,000 ft-lbs are available for either rent or purchase.

Why Choose Intech Anchoring?

Our trained staff and professional engineers can assist you in choosing the best installation equipment to complete your project at a price that fits your budget. We know that each project is faced with different challenges, which is why we aren’t a one-size-fits-all organization.

This added service is all part of the Intech Anchoring experience. When you purchase with Intech Anchoring, you are also acquiring a trusted partner.

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