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Intech Anchoring is an authorized distributor of ChemGrout grout plants, offering both rental and purchase options to cater to your specific needs. With units available in stock, we ensure prompt availability and efficient service.

Our grout plant systems are designed to deliver high-volume production and continuous mixing capabilities, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. From micropiles, rock anchors, and tiebacks to soil compaction, rock grouting, void filling, waterproofing, soil anchors, cable bolts, rock bolts, well encasements, contact grouting, and well abandonment, our grout plants provide versatile solutions to meet your project requirements.

Specifically engineered as portable units with high-pressure capacity, our grout plants are an ideal choice for installing hollow bar systems. They offer the necessary performance and reliability to effectively handle hollow bar installations.

At Intech Anchoring, we are committed to providing top-quality equipment and comprehensive solutions. Our ChemGrout grout plants are designed to deliver efficient and consistent results, ensuring successful installations across various applications.

Whether you prefer to rent or purchase, our grout plants are available to support your projects, offering reliability and performance when you need it most. Trust Intech Anchoring as your trusted partner for ChemGrout grout plants and experience the difference in your construction and anchoring projects.

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Grout Plant
High Pressure & Capacity Colloidal Mixer


  • Diesel powered unit
  • Built-in pressure washer
  • High pressure, high capacity, skid mounted
    colloidal grout plant
  • Continuous mixing and pumping operation
  • Features a 17 cubic foot homogenizing colloidal
    mixer, a 17 cubic foot agitated storage tank and a
    32 GPM grout pump
  • Equipped with a 2X3X12 high shear centrifugal
    diffuser-type pump that disperses the
    cementitious material down to its finest particle
    size to achieve complete particle wetness
  • Mixing tank is equipped with a bridge breaker
    to break apart the material before entering the
    colloidal mixer
  • Storage tank is equipped with a variable speed
    high-efficiency paddle mixer that maintains
    a thoroughly mixed grout while waiting to be
  • Grout pump is connected directly to the agitated
    storage tank to provide a continuous pumping
  • Grout pump is a positive displacement, high
    capacity, double acting plunger pump

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 79”
  • Length: 121”
  • Width: 60”
  • Weight: 3,800 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 4,500 lbs


  • Pump Size: 3.5″ x 8″
  • Maximum Output: 32 gpm
  • Maximum Pressure: 1,500 psi

All Rentals Include

  • 150′ of high pressure grout hose
  • Mud Balance
  • Slide Hammer
  • Pressure Washer Hose/Wand

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