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Helical tieback anchors are a type of foundation support system that uses a steel shaft with helical plates to transfer lateral loads from the foundation to the surrounding soil. They can be installed without excavation, making them a cost-effective solution for repairing existing seawalls or constructing new ones.

The use of helical tieback anchors in seawall and bulkhead construction has proved to provide excellent lateral support and stability, and they are often used in conjunction with other support systems, such as sheet piles or concrete walls, to provide additional reinforcement. 

Helical tiebacks offer additional advantages over conventional deadmen methods. The elimination of exaction, quick install, and creating tension, immediately saves time and money, especially in locations where excavation is difficult or impossible. 

Helical tieback anchors are classified as soil anchors and the loads are developed based on the capacity of the soil behind the wall. The holding capacity is proportional to the installation torque of each anchor. The length and bearing area can be adjusted in the field to meet the specified load requirements for the project. 

Because each seawall and bulkhead project is unique, our professional engineers and team of experts are available to assist throughout the entire process, from design to completion. 



  • No excavation or spoils
  • No concrete or grout (eliminating cure time)
  • Can be installed from land or water side
  • Quick installation and provides instant tension
  • Removable and extendable (allowing relocation if an obstruction is encountered)
  • No impact on landscaping and minimal cleanup
  • Can be installed underneath structures
  • Can be installed in limited access situations

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