When it comes to addressing foundation issues beneath buildings, both old and new, our helical underpinning foundation system offers a reliable solution. Over time, structures may experience shifting, often due to poor-quality ground beneath the building. Our helical underpinning system provides a dependable and long-term stability solution.

No matter the scale of your project, our system has the capacity to meet your needs. Engineered for dependability, our helical underpinning systems utilize high-capacity piles/piers to effectively prevent settling and cracking in residential, commercial, and industrial structures. Our systems are selected based on load requirements, soil conditions, and structural factors, ensuring the best fit for each project while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

Helical Underpinning systems are designed to stabilize foundations and increase the load capacities of existing structures. In an underpinning foundation, piles are installed independently of the structure, reaching depths that extend beyond problematic soils. The required load capacity is achieved through the installing torque, which is a function of the installation process. The piles are securely attached to the existing foundation using appropriately sized pre-engineered brackets.

Our helical underpinning systems offer a wide range of capacities to accommodate diverse structural stabilization projects. Each system is engineered to provide the optimal solution for achieving long-term stability in a cost-effective manner.

When faced with foundation issues, it is essential to choose a solution that prioritizes dependability and long-term effectiveness. Our helical underpinning systems have been trusted by professionals in the industry for their proven track record in providing reliable foundation stabilization.


  • Installs in areas with limited access and low overhead clearance
  • Rapid installation process
  • Immediate load-bearing capability – no curing time required
  • Utilizes commonly available small construction equipment for installation
  • Cost-effective mobilization
  • No need to remove spoils or excavated materials
  • Minimal to no vibrations or noise during installation
  • Built-in quality control through installation torque to capacity correlation

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