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Intech Anchoring Systems, an authorized distributor, offers a wide range of anchor installation tools and equipment, including installation drive heads, torque monitors, drive tooling, and accessories, specifically designed for our Helical product line. We understand the importance of finding equipment that aligns with your project requirements.

Collaborating with renowned manufacturers like Eskridge, and Digga, we prioritize selecting the right tools for your unique needs offering single-speed and dual-speed drives with torque ranges from 2,500 ft-lbs up to 360,000 ft-lbs. Our focus is not only on providing high-quality equipment but also on ensuring a perfect fit for your projects. By offering tailored solutions, we aim to minimize complications and maximize productivity, reducing any potential headaches. To enhance your confidence in using our products, Intech provides installation training, empowering you to tackle your next project with assurance. 



For larger helical projects involving 2″ square shaft or 3.5″ round shaft material, the optimal choice is our 20,000 ft-lb anchor drive. This powerful drive head is specifically designed for such applications. It comes equipped with quick connect hydraulic fittings that seamlessly attach to the auxiliary port of your skid steer or mini excavator, ensuring a hassle-free setup.

To cater to different equipment models, the drive head can be rented with a universal skid steer plate attachment or with adaptors for various mini-excavator models. We strive to accommodate your specific machinery requirements.

To enhance the efficiency of your installation process, we provide additional components along with the drive head rental. These include a Kelly bar adapter, a wireless digital torque indicator, and an installation tool. These supplementary tools further streamline the installation procedure, ensuring accurate and reliable results.


For helical anchor installations using a skid steer or mini excavator, the 12,000 ft-lb anchor drive serves as the reliable and standard workhorse. This versatile drive head is suitable for helical material with dimensions of up to 1.75″ square shaft or 2.875″ round shaft.

To ensure seamless compatibility with your machinery, the drive head is equipped with quick connect fittings that easily attach to the auxiliary port on your skid steer or mini excavator. Whether you have a skid steer or a specific mini excavator model, we offer the option to rent the drive head with a universal skid steer plate attachment or with adaptors designed for various mini-excavator models. This flexibility allows you to choose the attachment that best suits your equipment.

As part of our comprehensive rental package, we include essential components to enhance your installation process. These components consist of a Kelly bar adapter, a wireless digital torque indicator, and an installation tool. These additions are provided to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and ease of use during your project.


The “handheld” helical anchor drive is specifically designed for helical pile installations in tight spaces, such as basements, where there is limited room for equipment. This compact drive head is a practical solution that enables helical anchor installations even in challenging locations.

Weighing approximately 90 lbs, the drive head is relatively lightweight and easy to handle. The accompanying reaction arm weighs an additional 80 lbs. This setup allows for efficient operation with a small crew, as little as two individuals. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for projects with overhead limitations or limited access.

To ensure stability and prevent rotational movement during installation, the reaction arm must be securely braced against a solid surface like a basement wall or floor. This bracing provides the necessary resistance against the potential torque of up to 7,000 ft-lb that the tool can generate.

The kit is supplied as a complete package and includes a foot control valve, hoses, and a hydraulic power pack. These components work together to facilitate smooth operation and provide the required hydraulic power for the handheld helical anchor drive.


Intech Anchoring Systems provides a diverse range of accessories for anchor drive equipment. These accessories are designed to enhance the functionality and versatility of your anchor drive tools, ensuring efficient and successful installations. Some of the anchor drive equipment accessories offered by Intech Anchoring include:

  • Hydraulic Hoses
  • Adapters for Mini-Excavator Mounting
  • Adapter for Skid Steer Mounting
  • Wireless Torque Indicators

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