Deep Foundations

Deep Foundations Solutions

Deep foundations services transfer structural loads through to competent soils or rock when shallow foundations are not feasible due to weak, compressible soils near the ground surface. Micropiles, helical piers and underpinning, driven piles, and pulldown Micropiles are deep foundations elements.

Intech Anchoring has experience with a full range of deep foundations repair services, techniques, and products to provide the most cost-efficient and technically appropriate solution for any deep foundations project. We have relationships with multiple manufacturers to provide the best solution for your situation.

Micropiles (also referred to as mini-piles) are deep foundations, small diameter grouted piles typically consisting of a central steel reinforcement member and commonly includes steel casing. They are designed to carry very high capacity loads.

Unlike a drilled pier, micropiles derive a large percentage of their load from the steel reinforcement. This, paired with achieving their load in skin friction, makes micropiles perfect for both tension and compression loads.

Micropiles can be used on a variety of projects, including the creation or fortification of foundations for bridges, towers, and new buildings. Their versatility has led to their increased popularity and their use in difficult construction conditions such as in areas of low clearance, restricted access, or collapsing soil types.

Compared to other foundation products, micropiles are customizable and cost-efficient because they eliminate the need for pre-drilling during installation.

Intech Anchoring offers a variety of projects for micropile system installation, including Magnacore SDA’s, and CHANCE Anchors.

The helical pulldown micropile (HPM) is a system for constructing a grout column around the shaft of a standard helical pile foundation system. The HPM does not require removing spoils from the site. By combining both end-bearing on the helical plates and skin friction along the rough surface of the grout column, the result is a higher capacity pile system.

The HPM brings the advantages of the pre-engineered helical pile to higher load applications. It can provide an additional 50-100% capacity when compared to an ungrouted helical pier in similar soil conditions.

By “pulling down” a flowable, expansive grout as the foundation is screwed into the soil, the micropiles create a deep foundations with a friction-bearing central shaft and end-bearing helical plates in competent substrata.

Other benefits of HPM include:

  • Speed: 40-50 piles per day / per crew
  • High capacity
  • Cost-effective
  • No pre-drilling
  • Resistance to buckling in weak soils

Micropile Applications

Helical Piers And Underpinning

To reverse the signs of a sinking foundation, the most effective way is to use a process called underpinning—also known as piering or piling. There are many piering systems available, but the most effective solution is to transfer the weight of your home to a more stable soil than the soil it is currently resting on.

Helical piers contain helices that serve as end-bearing plates for the weight of the house. The flights are welded to a central steel shaft that acts as a screw that is rotated into the soil.

Helical piers are used to secure many structures:

Hollow Bar Micropiles

Because drilling, grouting, and installation happen simultaneously, hollow bar micropiling requires no pre-drilling or pre-/post-grouting, not only reducing the number of steps but also the amount of equipment needed for installation.

A rock drill and grout plant are generally all that’s required for hollow bar micropiling. Even with less equipment, however, it’s still possible to maximize micropile strength by increasing grout pressure to enlarge pile diameter.

Why Intech Anchoring For Deep Foundations Solutions?

When you partner with us, you will gain access to an entire library of products and deep foundations solutions for a variety of issues. We are here to help you address everything from basement wall crack repair to waterproofing systems and geotechnical engineering. If your or your customer’s foundation is cracked or showing signs of settling, you can count on Intech Anchoring to have the products that you need.

When it comes to manufacturers, we are not loyal to a single brand and have formed partnerships with several different ones. This flexibility allows us to tailor our recommendations to what you need and will specifically help you achieve your goals.     

Take Advatage Of Our Construction Assistance Services

In addition to our versatile line of products, you can take advantage of the engineering expertise available with the Intech Anchoring team. We have personnel who will be on hand at your worksite to ensure that the products we supply are coordinated correctly and according to the appropriate engineering specifications.

We also have expanded our services into two locations to reach a larger service area and increase our available inventory; one near St. Louis, MO, and the other in Livonia, MI. This expansion allows us to shrink our response times and address your needs quickly. This leads to shorter lead times for you and a better bid on your proposed projects.

Intech Anchoring has supplied commercial, residential, and industrial contractors with geostructural engineering solutions for over 20 years. When you work with Intech Anchoring and our partners, you experience a level of customer service and convenience that’s unique in the construction industry. Contact us today for a product quote.

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