Skid Steer Mounted

Skid Steer Mounted System Details

Skid Loader Feed System

Doofer DF538L

Drifter Specifications

Specifications TE360
Rotation Torque 131-336 lb/ft
Rotation Speed 175-300 rpm
Available Striker Bars R32, R38, T40

Typical Applications

  • Micropiles
  • Soil Nails
  • Rock Bolts
  • Coring

Skid Steer Mounted System to Complete Projects Quickly

When we were building our organization, we put significant time into thinking about what is best for our partners and how we can help them the most.

We looked at the lessons we had learned from our 20 years of experience in the industry and applied those to our practices with services like equipment rental for skid steer mounted systems. Intech Anchoring Systems partners with our family of contractors, and we have made it our mission to help their project goals in any way that we can.

Most contractors already own heavy-duty machineries like a skid steer or track loader. We saw this as an opportunity to shape our services around their needs and offer rental options for equipment that makes attachment to your skid steer easily to execute. This rental program means that you can save money without making an immediate permanent purchase and still get the equipment you need to complete your projects. You can rent or buy the tools from us and attach them to your existing machinery. This benefit allows you to hydraulically install the materials that we are already selling to you.

Skid Steer Attachments to Prevent Downtime

One of the considerations that go into any project plan is your deadline and how much downtime you can tolerate. The more downtime you can eliminate from your operations, the better your bid for the project will be. You’re coming to Intech Anchoring Systems for our industry-leading products, and now you can get the equipment to install them all from a single source. Having us as your single point of contact saves eliminates the time you would waste looking for other providers.

The other advantage of skid steer attachment rental from Intech Anchoring Systems is that you can be sure this equipment will interface appropriately with the materials we supply. There will be no confusion or headaches over mismatched connections when you get your machinery from us. We tailor our recommendations for every project to the unique needs and requirements of your operations.  

Why Choose Intech for Your Equipment Needs

When you partner with Intech Anchoring Systems, you will gain access to our entire inventory of equipment:

  • Helical drive equipment
  • Atlas pier equipment
  • Hollow bar installation equipment
  • Grout plants and drills

Having two locations allows us to reach a wider service area. You can count on Intech Anchoring Systems to have the tools you require and deliver them when you need them to assist handling any job challenge. All of this is backed by exceptional customer support and the engineering expertise of the team at Intech Anchoring Systems.

Our team is always available for preliminary design and technical product support. To learn more about our skid steer mounted system and our other rental equipment, contact Intech Anchoring Systems today.

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Tim Comb


Tim is the President of Intech Anchoring and has 25 years of experience in the Civil Engineering and Geostructural Industry. Tim has developed extensive industry knowledge by working to support the needs of specialty contractors at each and every business level. Tim’s diverse industry background has given him exposure to a wide variety civil construction projects, ranging from the simplest residential applications to the most complex commercial and industrial projects. Coupled with a highly skilled and educated team, Tim focuses on providing the highest quality products and solutions to Intech Anchoring’s customers in order to consistently exceed expectations.