Tieback Anchors

Tieback anchors are horizontal elements used to reinforce or “tieback” a retaining wall, basement foundation wall of a home’s foundations, or earth shoring wall such as sheet piling. The tieback is drilled or often screwed into the earth where the soils are strong enough to support the wall or foundation that is being anchored. Once the tieback is installed to depth, the anchor is secured to the retaining wall or foundation.

Tieback anchors are installed in segments and can be used at worksites with limited access. There are different types of tiebacks used depending on the soil and rock conditions encountered. The loads or capacity required for the tieback will dictate the anchor’s size that is necessary to complete the project.

Projects That Use Tieback Anchors

Tiebacks are the preferred solution for many engineers to support bowed, leaning, or tilted basement foundations and retaining walls. Slope stabilization and earth retention are additional commercial functions of tiebacks. Tiebacks in conjunction with the shoring or retaining wall are critical components to prevent a wall from overturning and resist the force of the earth being retained.

Other projects that utilize tieback anchors include:

  • Seawalls
  • Shoring
  • Retaining walls
  • Sheet Piling and Timber lagging walls

Tieback Products Intech Anchoring Trusts

Intech Anchoring has partnered with and supplies only the best materials available for tieback anchoring projects. The tieback and earth anchoring brands we rely on are A.B. Chance Helical Anchor and Piling Systems and Magnacore Self-Drilling Anchors and Micropile Systems. These products save time and money because of their quick and efficient installation. With Intech’s technical support and training, you can have the confidence that the products we supply will do the job right. Upon installation, tieback anchors can be tested to ensure proper load capacity has been achieved.

Magnacore Tieback Anchors

Magnacore tiebacks consist of hollow, threaded steel bars, often referred to in the industry as “hollow bars” or self-drilling anchors. The standard lengths of the hollow bars are 5′ and 10′ sections. These sections can be coupled together and drilled to any needed size in all soil and conditions. The Magnacore system is especially useful in stabilizing slopes, foundations, and earth shoring walls of any depth. Magnacore can solve even the most challenging ground conditions where obstructions, debris, or rock formations can challenge other anchoring methods.

The Magnacore system combines drilling, placing, and grouting into one simplified step. These tiebacks can be installed in any direction easily. This versatility means they are useful and beneficial even in tight areas with limited access.

When installing Magnacore tiebacks, there is no need for pre-drilling. The drill used for installation is capable of both rotational and hammering through obstructions as needed. The only equipment required during the install is a rock drill (rotary/percussion drifter) and a grout plant. Grouting through the hollow bar rods is simultaneously done during the installation of the Magnacore element.

A.B. Chance Helical Anchors

A.B. Chance Helical Anchors are anchors with helical bearing plates welded to a central steel shaft. Because they are helical, they screw into the soil rather than auger or displace the soil. With each rotation of the helix plate, the anchor is advanced deeper into the soil. Chance anchors provide a permanent, cost-effective, and hassle-free solution to bowed, leaning, or rotating foundation walls, retaining walls, steel sheet piling, and many other types of earth retention walls.

Chance does not rely on grout during installation, or for capacity of the anchor, meaning engineers can test the system immediately. Chance helical anchors can be installed in all weather conditions, with standard installation equipment. Each Chance tieback can be custom designed to hold back the required load. The Intech engineering team can assist you with selecting the correct size and length of the anchor for your specific project needs.

Intech Anchoring Is Here to Support You and Your Walls

In addition to the highest quality products from Magnacore and Chance, Intech Anchoring provides continual support throughout your entire project. While you and your team take care of the installation process, you can lean on Intech’s support team for the materials and equipment to do the job right. Contact us today to learn more about our engineering, design, load testing support, and available installation equipment options.

Project Highlight

Location – Indiana

Product(s) – Chance SS150 Tiebacks

Project Type(s) – Retaining Walls

Sector – Health Care

Intech’s Partner installed 24 SS150 tiebacks for retaining walls. What was originally a hot rush project, ended up getting redesigned several times even after shipping the initial material. Thanks to Intech’s Engineering Team, working with engineers from 3 different companies and bringing them all together on the same page, Intech was able to get a final design and material delivery.

Due to Intech’s inventory, we were able to adjust and accommodate bolt-on 14” helices. Intech’s Partner was extremely satisfied with our service.

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