Magnacore Micropiles

Micropile Foundation Solutions

All-in-One Application–Grouting & Drilling Simultaneously

Deep foundation systems transfer structural loads through to competent soils or rock when shallow foundations are not feasible due to weak, compressible soils near ground surface. These deep foundation systems help compensate for when the physical properties of your site do not match your project goals. Speed up your project completion on deep foundation installations jobs by utilizing Magnacore Self-Drilling Anchors for your micropile solution.

Magnacore hollow bars feature a single, top-down operation by the injection of high-pressure, neat cement grout mixture pumped through the hollow bar, while also serving as the drill string. The neat grout exits through the ports at the end of the sacrificial bit and permeates into the looser adjacent soils, forming a competent reinforced grout column along the length of the installed element.

Micropiles can be used in a variety of applications. Particularly useful when projects in areas with limited access or weak soil profiles, and they have become a preferred method of deep foundations for their reliability, versatility, and efficiency. Magnacore Hollow Bar Micropiles can be utilized in a variety of situations, including:

Magnacore Micropile & Anchoring System

Trust Intech’s quality Magnacore hollow bar system. With multiple bar sizes and bit options in stock, give Intech a call to discuss your next micropile or anchoring project. 

Micropile Anchoring & Soil Nail Applications

Magnacore Self Drilling Anchor SDA Micropiles can be used on a variety of projects, including deep foundations for  buildings, bridges, towers, and many other civil construction projects. The versatility of Magnacore has led to increased popularity and use in challenging construction conditions. When faced with areas of low clearance, restricted access, or collapsing soil profiles, Magnacore Micropiles are an excellent solution and often the first choice.

When compared to other foundation products, Magnacore Hollow Bar Micropiles are customizable, efficient and cost effective by eliminating the need for additional steps during installation. Because Micropile installation can be completed without pre-drilling, production time can be drastically reduced.

Magnacore Micropiles offers the following features and capabilities for Micropile Deep Foundation Projects:

Rely on Intech Anchoring Systems for Micropile and Soil Nail Supplies

In addition to materials and service, Intech Anchoring Systems provides continual support through the entire project, including engineering/design, on-site technical support, load testing support, installation expertise, competitive pricing, and installation equipment for both rent or purchase. Take advantage of our expertise in soil stabilization products and deep foundation solutions. We have an in-house, full-time engineering team to help contractors overcome their challenges and find solutions.

To learn more about Magnacore micropiles, soil nails and our other deep foundation solutions, contact Intech Anchoring Systems today.

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