Residential Drainage Systems

There are two types of residential drainage systems, surface and subsurface drainage systems. Residential drainage systems provide a way to divert water away from your home to prevent flooding and potential foundation problems caused by water seepage.

Surface Drainage Solutions

Surface drainage solutions allow you to divert water away from your home by changing the landscape or above-ground yard structure. The following are several different surface drainage solutions:

  • Diversion Ditches: Ditches can be forged around your property to divert water away from your home and into a trench.
  • Open Channels: Open channels connect to your drain pipes or sewer to ensure that water is removed from the area.
  • Grassed Waterways: Grassed waterways consist of downhill, grassy channels that naturally drain water and deter soil erosion on your property.
  • Sloped Banks: Another surface drainage solution involves creating sloped banks on your property that flow away from your home, taking water with them.

Subsurface Drainage Solutions

Subsurface drainage solutions work underground or beneath the surface to remove water from areas with an excess of water saturated soil. These solutions do not require a change in yard or landscape appearance. The two subsurface drainage solutions provided by Intech Anchoring are as follows:

  • French Drain Systems: French Drain Systems involve installing a sloped trench on your property for water to run into. The trench contains gravel and leads to a pipe, which empties the water away from your home. This drain may lead to a drainage ditch, the street, a dry well, or a lower part of your property.
  • Hydraway Drainage System: The Hydraway Drainage System is a subsurface drainage solution that is superior to traditional French drain systems because along with being more economical, it has a 70% higher water capacity, allowing water to flow away from your home at a much faster rate.

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