Helical Pulldown Micropiles for Deep Foundations

Setting a deep foundation for a commercial building, telecommunications pole, or other hefty structure? Need to underpin an existing foundation in a reliable manner? You need Helical Pulldown Micropiles. Helical Pulldown Micropiles serve as a grout column, sent deep into the surrounding earth to encapsulate helical piles. Helical Pulldown Micropiles anchor your structure to reverse or prevent shifting, leaning, or any loss of structural integrity.

What are Helical Pulldown Micropiles?

This system, patented by A.B. Chance, is a winning solution for existing foundations in need of support and as a reliable foundation option for new structures. The system is especially valuable because it can prevent buckling in areas of weak soil while also taking on skin friction in areas of abrasive soil. This method works even in areas of limited access, because their installation requires only a hydraulic torque motor mounted on standard equipment.

Helical Pulldown Micropile installations are performed in one of three classes of specification:

  • Open: In this project spec type, usually only used to land bids on very temporary installations, the contractor controls every component of scope and design, construction, and performance.
  • Performance: This spec allows the contractor and the owner equal control over the design and construction. The contractor must use test methods or any other designated parameters to demo performance to the owner before approval.
  • Prescriptive: This commonly utilized spec leaves control in the owner’s hands. In this way, the contractor is obligated to complete the installation in the manner that the owner prescribes in the scope and design.

How do Helical Pulldown Micropiles Compare?

HPMs are widely chosen and successful in most project scenarios because they are fast, easy, and effective. These micropiles can withstand the high capacity of a new construction or significantly aid in the reinforcement of an existing high-impact structure.

This system doesn’t require the manpower of many other foundation systems or supplementations. With no pre-drilling necessary and an effective speed of 40-50 piles daily, installation is noninvasive to the schedule or site of construction.

When are Helical Pulldown Micropiles Useful?

The two main uses for Helical Pulldown Micropiles are in existing foundations and new constructions. In either case, the HPM system allows for reliability without the added cost of manpower, unique equipment, or days of postponed construction.

  • Trust Helical Pulldown Micropiles for new, deep foundations. In structures large and small which require a deep foundation, this system is ideal. Consider a very large building constructed on weak or aggressive soil – Helical Pulldown Micropiles would support that structure, high impact and all.Inversely, consider a thin telecommunications monopole which requires a deep foundation as a counterweight to its height and susceptibility to wind – Helical Pulldown Micropiles can manage that, too. Combat corrosion, skin friction, buckling, and the limitations of a sensitive construction site (due to oil rigging, use of gas, or electricity) with Helical Pulldown Micropiles.
  • Return stability to an existing structure with the HPM system. In an Intech Anchoring case study, a building compromised by contaminated foundational soils was rescued by this A.B. Chance innovation. Even in the most sensitive situations or circumstances that require fast action – 6 days, for the aforementioned case – Helical Pulldown Micropiles can maintain control.

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