Micropiles for Commercial Use

There are many different construction techniques for building a foundation. One method used by Intech Anchoring is the micropile.

Chance - Pulldown Micropiles (22)-webWhat is a Micropile?

Micropiles are also called minipiles. They are elements of a building’s foundation found deep in the ground. They are made using very strong, small steel casings or threaded bars. The casing is usually 3 to 10 inches in diameter. Some micropiles extend as deep into the ground as 200 feet (though the typical micropile goes around 20) and can hold over 200 tons. They are drilled into the ground with special machinery.

The nature of a micropile is its versatility. Micropiles can be drilled through almost any kind of ground or structure, and their drilling causes minimal vibration, noise, and disturbance. The steel structure of the device allows them to hold heavier loads than other foundational components, like driven piles, augercast piling, or drilled shafts. These other deep foundation systems are unable to be drilled through many kinds of obstructions, and their drilling may disturb adjacent structures. Micropiles are the best deep foundation systems in all of these cases.


Micropiles are designed to hold extremely heavy loads. To this end, they have a variety of uses. Micropiles can transfer the brunt of structural strain from a building to the surrounding ground, allowing a building to last longer and be safer for human occupation. Particularly in areas where the ground’s composition makes construction difficult, micropiles are the best option for most projects.

Congested urban areas sometimes end up with too many buildings, putting too much strain on foundations. In these cases, micropiles are drilled deep into the ground to reinforce the structures. Structural compromise can occur in any area as a result of seismic activity. Micropiles function better than other kinds of deep foundation components in urban areas because their drilling creates minimal disturbance. Micropiles also help brace foundations against the damage earthquakes cause, meaning buildings and people are safe. Micropiles are placed at a variety of angles to achieve optimal structural support in seismically active areas.

After a time, structures may settle deeper into their foundations than originally intended. In these cases, micropiles can help prevent further settling and make the foundation safe once more.


Micropiles are a cost effective way to build a safe, lasting structure. Structural problems are pricey. Creating a structure intended to last a long time is much less expensive in the long run and involves less work. Particularly when building a home or any kind of structure in a location with a lot of geographical obstacles, micropiles are a must. Neglecting micropiles in these area means construction delays, weak structure, and a lot of fuss that could be avoided.

Micropiles can start as low as $500 per pile. The average residential home typically needs no more than 2, but larger structures may need more. Intech Anchoring offers competitive pricing for micropiles and professional installation services.

Intech Anchoring’s foundational repair and installation services are the best in the industry. Regardless of your project’s needs, Intech Anchoring can get the job done at competitive prices, in good time, and at the highest quality. For more information on any of Intech Anchoring’s various products, services, or engineering support, call 734-432-5111.