Everything You Need to Know About Micropile Deep Foundation Systems

Magnacore Self-Drilling Anchor Micropiles are the perfect solution for a wide variety of projects from the creation of foundations for bridges and towers to the fortification of foundations for new buildings. They have become a popular choice thanks to their versatility and functionality in challenging soil conditions. 

Take advantage of the expertise at Intech Anchoring to learn more about the benefits of micropiles. You can partner with us for continual support from the beginning to the end of your project. We offer professional assistance with engineering/design, onsite in-person support, load testing, installation expertise, competitive pricing, and rental equipment for your project.

Micropiles Specifications and Deep Foundation Systems

There is no single deep foundation system that can call itself the perfect fit for every situation. Soil conditions and access limitations can alter the needs of any project, and finding the right product requires recommendations from professional experts like the engineering team at Intech Anchoring. Some of the most difficult soil consists of elements like construction debris, boulders, and areas of collapsing earth. When you encounter these conditions, micropiles are often the best option. 

The micropiles themselves are small diameter grouted piles that typically have a central steel reinforcement. The load is accomplished through the skin friction between the grout and the surrounding soil once the pile has been installed. They can be designed to handle high-capacity loads depending on the needs of your project. They install quickly, even in the least competent soil conditions.

Micropiles Offer Rapid Installation in Areas of Limited Access

The most significant reason Magnacore Micropiles have risen to such prominence is their ease of installation. Thanks to their functional design, they are installed in situations with low overhead clearance. Where other foundation systems might require large, heavy machinery, micropiles are installed with smaller equipment on a rapid timetable. They are the cost-effective and high-quality first pick when you are in challenging soil conditions and on a tight deadline. 

Another of the advantages of the Magnacore Micropiles is that they feature single, top-down operation with the neat, high-pressure injection of a cement grout mixture. This process allows the micropile to be drilled and grouted at the same time. The cement grout flows out of the ports at the end of the bit and permeates into the loose soil to create a dependable, reinforced grout column. Other pile foundation systems require the grout injection and drilling to take place separately. This advantage saves money on labor hours and aids in hitting your deadlines. 

Micropile Applications and Project Types

The competitive cost of micropiles and their versatile applications make them a popular choice for a wide variety of projects. By eliminating the need for extra steps in the installation process, they make your entire project more cost effective. The advantage of micropiles includes:

  • Rapid, One-Step Installation
  • Simultaneous Drilling and Grouting
  • Utilzation of Smaller Equipment for limited access projects
  • Works in Low Overhead Conditions
  • Works within collapsible soil profiles
  • Improves Ground Densification
  • Provides Higher Skin Friction
  • Designed for Total Single Corrosion Protection

Magnacore Micropiles are the optimal choice for a variety of situations, including:

  • Limited Access Areas
  • New Construction/Retrofit
  • Design/Build
  • Cased and Uncased Applications
  • Foundation Rehabilitation
  • Foundation Stabilization of Adjacent Structures
  • Tiebacks and soil nails

Intech Anchoring Is Your Dependable Supplier of Magnacore Micropiles

Their high load-bearing capacity combined with their ease of installation makes micropiles the answer to many deep foundation building/construction projects. At Intech, our team works directly with you to determine which foundation elements are the right fit for your needs. Even if micropiles do not suit your situation, you can still count on our engineers to make the right recommendation.  

We are more than an average supplier of the nation’s leading brands. We offer excellent customer support throughout your entire project. We are your full-service distributor and local expert on engineering and design. Count on Intech Anchoring to provide everything you need from your first recommendation to the rental service equipment you need to complete your project.  

To learn more about Magnacore Self-Drilling Anchor Micropiles, contact Intech Anchoring today.