Landfill Venting System

The Hydravent Venting System works in tandem to prevent both landfill surface runoff and damage to liners caused by soil gas.

Prevent Landfill Surface Runoff And Outdoor Venting Problems

A functioning landfill venting system looks like water trickling through the surface until it reaches the bottom level of the landfill. Next, instead of seeping into the groundwater, it is blocked by a liner and flows into your venting system. Finally, the water is efficiently evacuated to a location to be treated.

Seems simple, but there are a number of potential hazards that can pollute the surrounding area. When a venting system isn’t working properly, whether it is simply draining too slowly or can’t drain at all, one problem is landfill surface runoff.

Particularly when landfills are filled primarily with nonbiodegradable materials like plastics, water flows freely off of the surface and into local rivers. One study conducted in 2000 in India found that landfill surface runoff was one of the main contributors of river pollution in Delhi and, by extension, the rest of the country. In the 20 years since, the problem has only grown.

Effective venting from Hydravent isn’t going to immediately solve these issues, but it can be a meaningful step in ensuring landfills are more environmentally friendly.

Mitigate Landfill Pollution and Venting Issues

More than any other venting solution, Hydravent safely moves water to prevent it from tainting rivers, lakes, oceans, or the water table. Contact Us

Landfill Maintenance And Waste Disposal

Landfills are designed to contain our waste products, but this can only happen when their structural integrity is maintained and reliable.

One of the most critical pieces of infrastructure for any landfill is the liner that serves as a barrier between the ground and a mountain of waste. Without a liner, waste will contaminate the groundwater and, when erosion inevitably occurs, will flow away from the landfill and begin to contaminate the area. A liner is essentially just a containment method.

Great, so throw down a liner. After all, they’re typically required by law. The problem is that without proper venting and soil gas venting, the liner will become stressed, damaged, and completely non-functional.

Cost-Effective Erosion Control

The venting system forms a geocomposite venting layer that has one job and one job only—to remove water before it can cause damage. Naturally, landfills aren’t easy to dig up, meaning maintenance is rarely an option.

In other words, a venting system that is highly clog-resistant is essential. Hydravent’s needle-punctured fabric exterior is designed to let water in and keep everything else out. Our system has a proven track record demonstrated by a zero-percent failure rate. Put simply, our system doesn’t clog.

The best part? Hydravent has a higher inflow rate than both conventional perforated pipe and other high-performance venting technologies. Standing water inevitably leads to erosion, and Hydravent eliminates it better than any other.

Excess Water, Soil Gas, and Leakage

When you lay down a liner, organic matter becomes trapped and will eventually decompose. This process generates methane and other gasses that, if allowed to build up, can damage your liner.

A Strict Regulatory Environment

Waste management is a tightly regulated sector. Mitigating groundwater and river pollution, as well as other bodies of water, is paramount. Hydravent offers a solution that is designed to mitigate the risk of pollution without adding difficult extra steps to the equation.

First, Hydravent is easy to install. We will come out to your site to offer consultation services and ensure your system is designed to meet the needs of your facility. Next, Hydravent ships in standard length 150 ft. coils, meaning that a patchwork of drain sections will not be necessary. Custom lengths can be made upon special request. Finally, since we have a network of distributors around the country, you don’t need to wait long for your product to be delivered to the work site.

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