Why Foundation Waterproofing is Not Just About Leaks

When it comes to waterproofing your home, the process is about more than simply preventing leaks. Many do not understand the ways that water damage is intimately connected to foundation issues in your home. Water damage can indicate a serious problem with your home’s foundation, and ignoring the issue will only lead to further damage and costly repairs in the future.

Common Waterproofing Misconceptions

One of the most common misconceptions about waterproofing is the idea that water damage is only caused by excessive rain. On the contrary, water damage can also be caused by issues with your home’s foundation, such as cracking due to dry weather. Another common misconception about waterproofing is the idea that the only thing you need to prevent water damage from affecting your home is to install a water barrier service. In reality, a water barrier service will not be enough to protect your home from water damage if you have a foundation issue. Instead, your home may require other services such as crack repair.

Alternative Causes for Water Damage

In contrast to the typically assumed causes of water damage, foundation problems can also lead to serious water damage, often going undetected as the culprit. First, your home’s foundation may experience cracking due to changes in weather. When the soil that surrounds the foundation is wet, it expands. During dry weather, the soil will then contract, causing your foundation to move. This leads to structural cracks in your home’s foundation, which allow water to get into your home and cause damage.

Foundation Repair/Waterproofing Solutions

At Intech Anchoring, we offer multiple options for foundation waterproofing. First, we offer injection systems for crack repair. Our injection systems consist of either epoxy or urethane injections, which are adhesive materials. Both materials are beneficial because they are cost effective, minimally invasive, and ensure future structural soundness. The average price range for epoxy and urethane injections is between $500-$1000, depending upon the number of cracks and severity of the issue. The installation involves combining the two components of the injections, inserting injection ports every 6-12” in the area, and injecting the material into the cracks.

Another option for foundation waterproofing is carbon fiber. Woven carbon fiber is considered a superior repair method due its serious strength. Carbon fiber cannot break or stretch, and it eliminates moisture to keep your foundation from deteriorating further. Carbon fiber is generally more expensive than our injection systems, but it is still an economical choice. The installation process involves covering our epoxy or urethane injections with strips of woven carbon fiber.

Finally, another option for foundation waterproofing is the Hydraway Drainage System. This system is beneficial because it is the fastest system on the market, with an 80% inflow rate. It also provides a long-term solution to your waterproofing problems. While the cost of installation will vary based upon your individual needs, this drainage system is much more cost-effective than traditional “drain tile” and “French drain” systems. The installation process involves removing a section of your floor, creating small holes to allow trapped water to escape underneath the floor slab, and finally installing the Hydraway, HydraPanel, and sump pump.

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