Helical Anchors for Basement Repair

It might look like “just a crack” or “a little bit of condensation,” but don’t be fooled: basement flaws can indicate serious foundation issues. Many homeowners make the mistake of overlooking basement flaws as a minor issue, when it’s really the symptom of a much larger one. Some of the most common indicators of foundational issues include, but are not limited to:

  • Cracked walls: Cracked walls are common, but not all cracks are the same. Soil expansion and contraction places an incredible amount of stress on your home’s foundation, which can create extensive damage.
  • Damp walls: A healthy foundation regulates excessive moisture, but a compromised foundation leads to high humidity levels, mold, and rot in the basement.
  • Leaking water or flooding: Earth, surface, and ground pressure around your home’s foundation can break pipes or result in cracks that allow rain water to seep inside. Leaking water is often an indication of major foundation flaws.
  • Bowing walls: A clear indication of excessive pressure compromising your home’s structural integrity, bowing walls can lead to cracks and more serious damage.

These symptoms don’t only damage your home and affect its value, they can also compromise your family’s safety. If any of these issues appear, it’s critical to address them immediately. By fixing foundational issues, you solve the problem instead of simply covering up the symptoms.

How Helical Anchors Provide Basement Support

Helical Anchors are trusted for superior performance in re-stabilizing the foundation. This deep foundation system provides strength, reliability, and structural integrity to protect any structure. Helical anchors are installed into the ground from the inside, rotating the anchor via a rotary drilling device. Once installed, the capacity can be set as high as 55,000 pounds per anchor.

Installation is an easy process, even in areas with limited access or contaminated site conditions. Throughout the installation process, the torque is continuously monitored to ensure proper installment, minimal vibration, and no displacement of soil. Segments are bolted with other components to create a coupling, which ensures the greatest strength possible. The quick installation process is a more cost efficient solution compared to similar methods of foundation rehabilitation.

Helical anchors can be used on new or existing foundations alike, providing support or fixing sudden foundational issues. Helical anchors are considered an efficient stabilization method because there are no delays (because there’s no grout) and no holes to drill. This can result in savings as high as 30 percent.

How Helical Anchors Work

Since the load is transferred via the shaft, through the soil, and to bearing plates, helical anchors provide deep foundational support that is resistant to hydrostatic pressure. There is minimal soil disturbance during installation, ensuring the benefits are experienced immediately. Each helical anchor can support up to 55,000 pounds, providing a sturdy and powerful solution for your foundation.

Benefits of Helical Anchors

By installing helical anchors, you can rest assured you will have a solid foundation for years to come. This adds immeasurable value and security to your home.

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