Intech Anchoring Systems Tiebacks

Tiebacks are an essential tool for reinforcing a building’s foundation, and to protecting the structural integrity of your home overall. A tieback is a helix-shaped reinforcement tool that can be drilled into a house’s foundation. It allows the weight to be transferred from the weak soil underneath to much stronger helical plates. The concept may be basic and simplistic, but there are several important uses for tiebacks. Consider the following:

  • They can stabilize slopes: Inclines that are at risk of collapse or sliding can be strengthened with the use of tiebacks. In these cases, they are often used in conjunction with concrete walls as anchors. When it comes to stabilizing slopes, tiebacks can save lives by preventing tragedies such as large-scale landslides.
  • They can reinforce foundations: This is the tieback work most commonly conducted by the team at Intech Anchoring Systems. It consists of bearing plates that are welded together to form fortified additions to a foundation. They can they be attached to rods that are horizontally inserted into the ground to act as anchors.
  • They can secure structures, whether deep or shallow: Tiebacks are not limited by depth level. Because they are so versatile, they can effectively reinforce structures no matter how near or far the structure from the surface of the earth.

Intech Anchoring Systems Tiebacks

Because Intech Anchoring Systems perpetually strives for quality comparative to perfection, the company utilizes two particularly reliable brands of tiebacks. The company is an area distributor of A.B. Chance Helical Pier Systems and Magnacore Self-Drilling Anchors and Helical Pier Systems. When it comes to foundation manufacturing, these are the brands in which you should rely:


These products are useful for their versatility because they can be installed in any direction, length, or condition. These extendable threaded steel rods can also be quickly and easily installed in hard-to-reach areas. This tieback system can extend as far as a given project demands, and can even penetrate all types of rock. The handling and placement of Magnacore products are areas in which Intech Anchoring Systems 40 years of experience has proven itself capable and efficient.

A.B. Chance

A.B. Change also produces tiebacks, which are helpful due to their ability to disrupt soil as minimally as possible. Once the product has reached its desired length in the soil, monitored installation torque helps adjust weight capacity. Up to 55,000 pounds can be supported by each of Chance’s tiebacks. With decades of industry work behind them, the professionals at Intech Anchoring Systems are well versed in the installation dynamics of A.B. Chance’s tiebacks.

Intech Anchoring Systems offers a host of services relative to drainage and concrete rock repair systems, foundation and basement fixes, anchoring, and more. The company is proud of its ability to introduce the most innovative, high-tech solutions in the industry. Intech Anchoring Systems is also proud to be the sole regional resource for Hydraway Drainage Systems.

Additionally, the team strives to maintain the convenience and high-quality customer service the construction industry sometimes lacks. Contact us today, and arrange for a consultation. We will schedule a time to inspect the problematic property.

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