Helical Piers


We’ll connect you with the right Helical product line – perfect for a wide range of commercial, industrial, institutional and residential applications—from residential homes and commercial and industrial structures to earth shoring walls, communication towers, and bridges.

When it comes to Earth Anchoring – we only offer top-tier product lines for a diverse group of deep foundation solutions and offering a wide variety of pile sizes.

Plus, we only provide helicals that are ISO 9000 certified and building code approved.



Each project manager is with you from your project’s design, planning and execution – while recommending the most efficient and accurate product – all vetted with The Intech Commitment. 

 Our recommendations are tailored to meet the specific requirements of your project, whether it’s for a residential, commercial, or industrial application. With our years of expertise and variety of experience, you can trust us to provide you with the best deep foundation system for your needs.

Helical Piling & Anchoring Systems

Intech Anchoring Systems offers a wide range of helical piles and anchoring solutions that are designed to provide superior performance, durability, and ease of installation. When you partner with us, traditionally educated and experienced engineers will guide you to the right helical pile solution that’s most ideal for your unique project. 


Our partnership with IDEAL DEEP FOUNDATION SYSTEMS allows us to supply all helical projects with a regional family-owned and operated manufacturer and distributor of American-made deep foundation systems.

When your project requires a helical system, rest assured that by connecting with an experienced project engineer at Intech Anchoring Systems – you are set for a smoothly executed and sturdy build every time.

Connect with us today to learn more about our helical pile solutions and how we can help you achieve your build’s goals. We’re committed to strengthening each other.

Intech Anchoring Systems offers a wide variety of Helical products, including:

Helical Anchors are commonly used for tiebacks in earth shoring systems.  Helical anchors are also used in anchoring basement foundation wall that are rotating under the forces of soil pressure.  The versatility and cost effectiveness of the helical anchor make it an excellent option to consider for your next tieback or wall anchoring project.

Helical Piles are used worldwide to secure residential and commercial buildings, tower foundations, heavy equipment foundations, and many other deep foundation applications. Helical Pile systems are used to transfer the building’s weight to bearing “helical” plates driven into stable soil/strata. This patented system brings an economical solution to the underpinning industry. Fast, predictable, and with measurable installation torque are just three advantages of this building code evaluated, proven and widely accepted system.

 Our Helical Pier Foundation System is the perfect solution for your next project. Designed to provide a technically superior and cost-effective alternative to other remedial systems, our system is backed by over 100 years of engineering experience and successful installations worldwide. With our expertise and experience, you can trust us to provide you with the best foundation system for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our Helical Pier Foundation System and how we can help you achieve your project goals.

A Helical Grouted Micropile from Intech Anchoring introduces grout to form a column around the shaft of a conventional Helical Pile Foundation System. Our Helical Grouted Micropile Systems brings the advantages of the pre-engineered helical pile to higher load applications, providing compression loads ranging up to 400,000 lbs. per pile. Plus, grout around the steel helical element provides for added corrosion protection which can be valuable where aggressive soil conditions exist.

Products & Applications

Our helical products can be utilized in the following applications:

Benefits of Using Helical Anchors From INTECH

Helical Anchor Installation

A helical anchor can be used to resist tensile loading. For these tension-specific anchor applications, square shaft helical anchors are the logical choice. The helical anchor is segmented with helical bearing plates welded to a central steel square shaft.

The load is transferred through the shaft to the soil through the bearing plates. Anchors are coupled together with integrated couplings, and the only limits to installation depth for these anchors are soil conditions such as density. Intech Anchoring has an engineering team available to review soil data to help determine the right helical configuration and the proper depth required for a successful installation.

The helical plates are formed with a proper pitch so they do not auger but rather screw into the soil with minimal disturbance. Helical bearing plates have a standard 3″ pitch with engineered spacing between the helix plates to enable each plate to bear their load independently of one another. This helical spacing on the lead segment of the pile is critical so that the load capacity of one helix is not influenced by adjacent plates.

Helical Installation Certifications

We offer continued education and certification programs for geotechnical engineers interested in learning more about helical installation. Our programs cover everything from the basics of helical installation to advanced techniques and strategies for complex projects. With our certification, you will have the knowledge and skills necessary to confidently tackle any helical installation project. Plus, our continued education programs ensure that you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the industry. Contact us today to learn more about our certification and education programs and take your career to the next level with Intech Anchoring Systems.

Helical Wall Anchoring System

The success of the Helical screw anchors is based on decades of similar use of   anchors by electrical utilities. The proven reliability and engineered predictability of the system’s performance give you anchors that are permanent, economical, and hassle free. Engineered for dependability and long-term stability, the   Helical Wall Anchor System features exclusive anchoring techniques, tools, designs, and sizes that make other foundation methods a thing of the past. It provides a smart, cost-effective solution for bulging, bowing, or cracked basement and foundation walls.

There is no grout required, so installed anchors can be tested immediately, and concrete trucks or grout pumps are not necessary as with other systems. They can be installed in almost any weather using conventional drilling equipment.   Anchors from Intech Anchoring have predictable holding strength in all soils.

The Intech Anchoring Systems  Helical Wall Anchor System components for residential basement and foundation wall repair include a Lead Helix Plate, Segmented Extension(s), Anchor Termination, and Wall Plate (or steel beam for concrete block foundations).


Typical installation steps for Residential Basement Wall Repair include:

To learn more about the details and applications of Helical Anchors, contact Intech Anchoring today.

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Tim is the President of Intech Anchoring and has 25 years of experience in the Civil Engineering and Geostructural Industry. Tim has developed extensive industry knowledge by working to support the needs of specialty contractors at each and every business level. Tim’s diverse industry background has given him exposure to a wide variety civil construction projects, ranging from the simplest residential applications to the most complex commercial and industrial projects. Coupled with a highly skilled and educated team, Tim focuses on providing the highest quality products and solutions to Intech Anchoring’s customers in order to consistently exceed expectations.