Landscape Drainage System

Landscaping that sits in a low-lying area of your property will most likely cause water to collect or pool as water flows downhill to the lowest point. 

Even the slightest of slope causes water to flow and erode the ground. Professional landscape drainage assistance may be necessary if your property becomes soggy or muddy with excess surface water.

Uses for Landscape and Yard Drainage Systems

The Hydraway Drainage System has a variety of uses for landscaping or yards, including:

It’s important to keep landscape and yards free from excess water, as it may lead to permanent and expensive damage to surrounding property and structures. Oversaturated soil can lead to shifts in the foundation of homes and other buildings, causing cracks and other potentially detrimental damage to your property. Additionally, too much water can lead to muddy areas of standing water, attracting mosquitos and other insects to once beautiful landscape.

Types of Landscape Drainage Systems

There are a number of different types of landscape drainage systems and materials, including: Surface drainage systems, Subsurface drainage systems, French drain pipe systems, Filter fabric or Multi-flow drainage systems, and Geotextile fabric systems.

Landscape Drainage Materials

Why Intech Anchoring for Landscape Drainage?

For more than 20 years, Intech Anchoring has installed the Hydraway Drainage System for businesses and residential properties. Hydraway is the industry leader for state-of-the-art drainage systems, and is chosen by homeowners and engineers alike due to its guaranteed results, high compressive strengths, cost effectiveness, and a multitude of uses.

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