A Venting Solution With Superior Compression Strength

The Hydravent Venting System acts as an absorption material beneath liners, protecting your investment and prolonging the life of your subsurface infrastructure.

When you have organic material such as dead plants or animals underground, they will produce methane gas as they decompose. Even small amounts of this gas can build up over time and create issues for your subsurface infrastructure. Methane gas buildup under a liner that is being weighed down by a body of water—or other liquids such as waste or contaminated materials—is exactly the situation where damage to your liner can occur. Hydravent prevents damage to liners by managing and venting these gases with the greatest open area of any venting system on the market.

Hydravent is strong and reliable enough that it is used not only for lagoon venting applications but also in situations such as the subway tunnels running under the city of Los Angeles. Civil engineers and site development contractors rely on the Hydravent System to provide a safe, effective solution for venting methane gas in a controlled, efficient, and safe manner.

Hydravent offers:

  • Cost-effective design for preventing damage
  • Straightforward installation that does not require cutting the liner
  • Geotextile wrapping to prevent plugs and clogs
  • The elimination of water or air buildup
  • Prevention for the risk of the liner floating
  • Inexpensive insurance under any liner project

Intech Anchoring manufactures and distributes the Hydravent Venting Systems worldwide, and we take pride in the significant value and difference our products bring to our partners and the industry.