A Venting Solution With Superior Compression Strength

The Hydravent system acts as an absorption material beneath liners, protecting your investment and prolonging the life of your subsurface infrastructure. It is another stellar example of the patented Hydraway product line manufactured by Intech Anchoring Systems.

When you have organic material such as dead plants or animals underground, they will produce methane gas as they decompose. Even small amounts of this gas can build up over time and create issues for your subsurface infrastructure. Methane gas buildup under a liner that is being weighed down by a body of water—or other liquids such as waste or contaminated materials—is exactly the situation where damage to your liner can occur. Hydravent prevents damage to liners by managing and venting these gases with the greatest open area of any venting system on the market.

Hydravent is strong and reliable enough that it is used not only for lagoon venting applications but also in situations such as the subway tunnels running under the city of Los Angeles. Civil engineers and site development contractors rely on the Hydravent System to provide a safe, effective solution for venting methane gas in a controlled, efficient, and safe manner.

Hydravent offers:

  • Cost-effective design for preventing damage
  • Straightforward installation that does not require cutting the liner
  • Geotextile wrapping to prevent plugs and clogs
  • The elimination of water or air buildup
  • Prevention for the risk of the liner floating
  • Inexpensive insurance under any liner project

The Hydravent application is just one more innovative solution of the Hydraway Drainage System line of products. Intech Anchoring manufactures and distributes the Hydraway and Hydravent Systems worldwide, and we take pride in the significant value and difference our products bring to our partners and the industry.

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More Than Just a Waterproofing and Drainage System

Similar to how Hydraway is a superior drainage solution to perforated pipe “drain tile” systems, Hydravent drainage fabric allows gases to pass through and escape without the risk of clogging. Hydravent helps protect the investment you’ve made in pond and lagoon liners and prevents damage and the need for costly maintenance as the result of soil gases. If you’re considering the construction of a pond or lagoon, now is the time to install a venting solution to avoid a maintenance disaster.

Hydraway and Hydravent product lines are designed to protect the vital parts of your infrastructure, such as foundations, below-grade structures, slope and earth retention systems, brownfields, pond, lagoon, and landfill liner applications, just to name a few.

Hydravent works to maintain and preserve the conditions of your liner while products like the Hydraliner protect crawl spaces from the accumulation of moisture and water vapor. The Hydrashield works to manage moisture that may enter your basement walls. The Hydraway Drainage System is becoming well known for its reliable results and cost-effective installation efficiencies. The original system itself was specially developed for sports turf—both natural and synthetic turf applications like athletic fields including soccer fields, baseball fields, rugby pitches, tennis courts, volleyball courts, and golf courses.

reservoir liner being installed

Preventing Future Damage and Costly Maintenance to Pond Liners

The Hydravent system lies beneath liners and other membrane systems to help protect and preserve your investment. Liners work in tandem with systems like Hydravent to allow for the passage of gases. The passage of gas like this prevents prolonged buildup of pressure and helps to secure and extend the life of your liner. Flexible designs like this contribute to the overall longevity of your systems and your infrastructure. Making investments like this now will only save you time and money in the future.

No Hydraway or Hydravent product has ever failed due to a manufacturing defect, so you can have confidence and trust that Hydravent will perform for your project application. With our industry-leading quality controls in place, we stand behind our line of Hydaway products, giving Hydraway our stamp of approval. If you’re looking for one of the best ways possible to maintain the significant investment of a pond or lagoon project, reach out to Intech Anchoring today. You can take advantage of our first-rate technical support and a substantial product inventory that’s ready to meet your needs.

Why Partner With Intech Anchoring?

The manufacturing and distribution of systems like the Hydraway Drainage and Hydravent products have been part of our specialty and focus for more than 20 years. We’ve seen the proof with contractors and engineers who continue to trust Hydraway for its dependability, high compressive strengths, and industry-leading inflow rate. You can rely on our experience because we have been serving contractors in commercial, industrial, and residential construction for over two decades.

Are you facing a unique issue and need a custom solution? You can work directly with our in-house engineering team to develop an answer that works for your needs and your budget. We value your time and recognize the strength of our team and customer support as a vital part of our business. We support the success of your projects to deliver the superior level of satisfaction that Intech Anchoring and our Hydraway products have become known for worldwide.

To learn more about the Hydravent, Hydraway Drainage products, and our other services, reach out to Intech Anchoring today.