Mine Tailings Drainage & Venting

Mine tailings are the waste products of a mining operation. Often toxic, the mining industry is compelled to meet certain regulatory conditions to avoid tailings contamination of groundwater. Contact Us

Industrial Wastewater and Your Outdoor Drainage System

Toxic waste is inherent in the mining process. Therefore, it is critically important to have a highly efficient drainage system in place. On a fundamental level, drainage is about control. It’s not as simple as removing wastewater as quickly as possible—equally important is that water is directed effectively where you want it to go.

If wastewater is allowed to collect into standing pools (except where it is designed to be deposited) it is likely to cause seepage into groundwater and, eventually, erosion of your site.

How Hydravent Works

The Hydravent Venting System has a demonstrated track record of being more effective than conventional drainage solutions. It all starts with our innovative design that allows water to travel across 70% of the internal surface. What does this mean in practice? A greater volume of water can be moved through the system without the loss of soil and dirt. This prevents your drainage infrastructure from being overwhelmed.

The outer surface is covered with thermally-bonded, needle-punctured fabric that is designed to let wastewater in, while keeping silt and other clogging particles out. All of this culminates in a system that has a zero-percent failure rate when properly installed. You read that correctly—a Hydravent system has never failed when properly installed.

Correcting Venting Problems Within Compliance Standards

The mining industry is one of the most tightly regulated sectors that exist. A big part of compliance is effective drainage and the environmental impact of natural processes like erosion by excess water or other factors. At Intech Anchoring, we have years of experience in working within the compliance regulations of various industries. We optimized our tools and services to help our customers stay in the lines of those standards and still perform at their best.

Seepage Prevention and Your Synthetic Liners

Aside from transporting—i.e. draining—water to where it can be safely stored and treated, mining infrastructure will invariably include a synthetic liner that is designed to prevent seepage of wastewater into groundwater and, eventually, other bodies of water.

Before these liners and seepage prevention were mandated by governments at all levels, poisoned ecosystems and even foods were a common occurrence.

Why is any of this relevant here? Because a crucial element of a compliant mine is a healthy synthetic liner. Once again, Hydravent has the answer.

Hydravent Venting System

Some notable features of the Hydravent Venting System include:

  • Zero-Percent Failure Rate – This was mentioned earlier, but it demands repeating. When the Hydravent system is properly installed, it has unmatched reliability. In a way, what we’re offering is peace of mind that such a critical system isn’t going to cause a major headache down the line.
  • Higher Inflow Rate – When wastewater can more efficiently flow into the system, it’s less of a concern—it’s as simple as that. Whether water is being introduced as a consequence of mining operations or from natural sources, Hydravent allows your team to get back to work faster.
  • Clog-Resistant Construction – With a needle-punctured fabric exterior, nothing is getting into your drainage system except the wastewater itself. This helps prevent the effects of erosion and damage from standing water.
  • Reduced Installation Costs – Hydravent ships easily in standard-length coils of 150 ft. from our network of distributors around the U.S. and the world. Once it arrives, it can be installed right away without having to relieve coil-memory that plagues the installation of traditional perforated pipe systems.

Ready to Start the Conversation About Your Venting System?

Intech Anchoring and the Hydravent Venting System have a lot to offer for your mine tailings drainage. We supply an entire line of products, from the Hydrashield for wall paneling to a sump pump for outdoor drainage. You can rely on years of experience and engineering expertise to make recommendations in the best interest of your operations. Let’s start a discussion about your operation. Fill out the form below and we’ll be happy to get in touch with you about your project.