Waste Water Treatment Lagoons Venting & Drainage

Wastewater Lagoon Drainage & Venting isn’t something to be put on the backburner.

Soil Water and Wastewater Lagoon Drainage & Venting System Applications

Any application that generates wastewater inherently brings with it a need for proper drainage. There aren’t many commercial applications that use water at all that aren’t generating wastewater. Throughout this page, we’ll go through the basics of wastewater drainage for five different types of drainage applications and address how Hydravent is an ideal solution for each.

The Professionals at Outdoor Drainage Systems

Intech Anchoring manufactures, distributes, and owns the industry-leading Hydravent System. We believe in it, and engineers choose Hydravent because of its high compressive strengths, inflow rate, and time-tested, verifiable results.

The specially engineered design allows high inflow rates for rapid dewatering of a given area while preventing the passage of soil particles. The Hydravent System is your fastest option in the industry for addressing outdoor drainage problems.

It has an 80% inflow rate, which is 7-25x higher than most other systems on the market. It is capable of withstanding 11,000 lbs/ft2. The entire system offers superior performance and is a cost-effective replacement for the French drain or other conventional drain tile systems.

Project Highlight

Location – Gilcrest, CO

Product(s) – Hydravent Venting System

Project Type(s) – Waste Water Lagoon

Sector – Government

Project Summary – Hydravent was used to prevent methane gas build up under the lagoon liners.

Project Challenge – Come up with a cost-effective way to mitigate gases to prevent future damage to the new liners.

The existing wastewater lagoon liners for the City of Gilcrest Colorado were all experiencing whale backing. Since all four lagoons had whale backs (methane bubble of the liner), it was decided that Hydravent Venting System would be installed to vent the new replacement liners.

Hydravent would effectively provide a solution to vent the methane gases to keep the liners in place and not decrease the capacity of the wastewater. It was decided that using Hydravent on 25-foot spacing would provide the solution. The possibility of future whalebacks in the newly replaced liners was effectively limited.

Create an Effective Wastewater Drainage Solution

Hydravent is an innovative drainage tool that manages wastewater more effectively than other conventional solutions. Contact Us Today.

Excess Water Treatment

Wastewater and damaging gases are of constant concern for water treatment plants. Liners underneath stabilization ponds are often the victim of floating and tearing due to soil gases building up underneath the liner. These situations require detection and immediate remediation.

The goal of water treatment is, of course, to produce clean, usable water. If groundwater and wastewater leak into your system, the whole project is ruined. A Hydravent System installed throughout your facility will ensure unwanted water is moved where you want it.

Agriculture and Aquaculture

Any tainted agricultural product is unusable and, by extension, hurts the bottom line. Hydravent Systems enable effective wastewater drainage that mitigates the risk of lost, damaged, or unusable crop.

In fact, Hydravent has never failed when properly installed. With a 0% failure rate, Hydravent is offering a secondary benefit: peace of mind. We will come out to your site and consult on drainage design and installation so that you don’t need to fear an improper installation. Plus, because Hydravent is clog-resistant, your system will keep functioning as intended for years into the future.

From fish hatcheries to vegetable processing plants, aquaculture facilities depend on tightly controlled water management systems. Wastewater must be appropriately eliminated and not allowed to interfere with other systems.

Once again, synthetic liners play an outsized role in this industry, ensuring separation between your pools and lagoons and the rest of the natural world. Hydravent is one of the most reliable methods of removing wastewater from your system.

Mining and Landfills

Mining creates tremendous amounts of wastewater, and the elimination of it is a tightly regulated process.

Hydravent has a greater inflow rate than other, more conventional drainage solutions. Plus, because water can flow across more than 70% of the drainage surface, more water can be drained in quicker fashion.

In other words, Hydravent prevents problems associated with water buildup. Standing water can cause significant damage to critical infrastructure, affecting the structural integrity of underground spaces and damaging liners. From soil gas venting to wastewater removal, the mining industry stands to benefit to a significant degree from the innovative Hydravent system.

Next to mining, landfills and waste management is one of the most strictly regulated industries out there. Synthetic liners are essential underneath landfills, and thus must be protected from damage. Otherwise, waste from landfills may contaminate the groundwater that we all rely on every day for drinking.

Hydraway offers effective drainage to mitigate water buildup underneath landfills, and Hydravent offers an easy solution to methane and other gas build-ups that can threaten the integrity of liners.

Wastewater Drain Pump or Wastewater Drain Slope?

There are a variety of ways of routing wastewater where it needs to go. Pumps allow you to direct water in a controlled fashion, while slopes use the natural forces of gravity to get the job done.

One thing remains the same with either system, though. Once the water makes its way down the slope or through your pumping system, it must be effectively drained away. A network of Hydraway strip drains can effectively move that water to a desired final location.

Hydraway systems are easier to install than either traditional or other competing modern drainage systems and, through our network of distributors located around the United States and the world, can be conveniently delivered to your jobsite.

For a reliable solution that can more effectively mitigate wastewater and gas risks, give us a call.

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