Waste Water Treatment Lagoons Venting & Drainage

Wastewater Lagoon Drainage & Venting isn’t something to be put on the backburner.

Soil Water and Wastewater Lagoon Drainage & Venting System Applications

Any application that generates wastewater inherently brings with it a need for proper drainage. There aren’t many commercial applications that use water at all that aren’t generating wastewater. Throughout this page, we’ll go through the basics of wastewater drainage for five different types of drainage applications and address how Hydravent is an ideal solution for each.

The Professionals at Outdoor Drainage Systems

Intech Anchoring manufactures, distributes, and owns the industry-leading Hydravent System. We believe in it, and engineers choose Hydravent because of its high compressive strengths, inflow rate, and time-tested, verifiable results.

The specially engineered design allows high inflow rates for rapid dewatering of a given area while preventing the passage of soil particles. The Hydravent System is your fastest option in the industry for addressing outdoor drainage problems.

It has an 80% inflow rate, which is 7-25x higher than most other systems on the market. It is capable of withstanding 11,000 lbs/ft2. The entire system offers superior performance and is a cost-effective replacement for the French drain or other conventional drain tile systems.