Hydraway Drainage System

Intech Anchoring manufactures and distributes the industry-leading Hydraway Drainage System. Engineers choose Hydraway due to its high compressive strengths, inflow rate, and guaranteed results.

The specially engineered design permits high inflow rates for rapid dewatering of the turf area while effectively preventing the passage of soil particles. We specialize in drainage for sports turf, athletic fields, golf courses, highways, and runways; waterproofing for basements and crawl spaces; and under-pond liners as a vent.

The Hydraway Drainage System is the fastest in the industry. It has an 80% inflow rate, which is 7 to 25 times higher than most other systems. It is capable of withstanding 11,000 lbs/ft2. The entire system is a superior performing and cost-effective replacement for the French drain or other conventional drain tile systems.

Hydraway System Uses

For over 25 years, Hydraway Drainage Systems has been used on sports turf—both natural and synthetic, golf courses, and various types of athletic fields. Our customers prefer this advanced drainage system for the many benefits described above. Also, there have been no known failures of the system during our 20 years of installation. Well-drained athletic fields and turf cause fewer problems from wear and tear through constant use.

Hydraway uses a rapid dispersal system that allows water to exit the field on all sides. This system simultaneously avoids issues such as too much water—or worse, standing water. Intech Anchoring offers in-house design services to ensure your yard or landscape drains to its full potential.

Hydraway can also be used in a residential application in basements and crawl spaces for a complete waterproofing system. Many factors can cause water to leak or flood into your basement or crawl space. Long periods of rain, melting snow, or even oversaturated soil that surrounds your foundation can lead to too much water entering through the cracks of your home. The Hydraway drain system is a cost-effective, permanent foundation waterproofing option that will solve any drainage and leak issues your home suffers from.


Hydraway Drainage System Components

The Hydraway Drainage System’s versatility is primarily based on its three-part design in homes. There are three components of the Hydraway Waterproofing system: the Hydraway 2000, the Hydraway 300, and the Hydrapump. All of them work together to provide your foundation the proper drainage and protection from water it needs to maintain its structural integrity.

First, the Hydraway 300 captures any water entering the home’s foundation. Then, the Hydraway 2000 channels and directs water to the Hydrapump. From there, the water is directed through a system of discharge lines and drain pipes located on the outside of your home. A sump pump creates the necessary pressure to accomplish this goal and achieve the proper flow rate.

Benefits of Hydraway Drainage

The Hydraway Drainage System works faster than any other system that is currently available. Its 80% inflow rate is 7 to 25 times higher than other available systems; it is also able to withstand 11,000 lbs./ft2. Superior performance and cost-effective price are the hallmarks of the Hydraway Drainage System, an improvement on the traditional French drain and drain-tile systems.

As opposed to drainage systems that use pipes made of plastic or metal, the Hydraway Drainage System has a no-clog guarantee. This clog resistance is thanks to its unique geotextile fabric. This is a design that will give you peace of mind on the state of your drainage system. The system also provides a longer-lasting waterproofing solution for the foundation of your home or business. The installation process does little to disturb the foundation, while allowing for the release of hydrostatic pressure. Most importantly, this system is designed to stop water from entering a foundation, which prevents damage to your investment.


Hydraway Drainage Installation

To locate an installer for our Hydraway Drainage System, fill out our contact form or call 866-601-4601 today to find an Intech Anchoring–certified installer in your area. You can also learn more directly from the creator and manufacturer at Hydraway.net.

To become one of our installers, contact us through the form or by telephone with the details of your company, your experience, and any other information.

Because of the different uses of the Hydraway system, prices can vary. To learn more and see the benefits of our Hydraway Drainage System, please contact us at 877-329-3438 for a free estimate.

Why Intech Anchoring?

The manufacturing and installation of the Hydraway Drainage System have been a focus of ours for over 20 years. Most contractors prefer Hydraway due to its guaranteed lasting results, inflow rate, and high compressive strengths.

The design of the Hydraway Drainage System allows for high inflow rates, as it rapidly drains the turf surface area and simultaneously prevents the passage of soil particles.

Intech Anchoring recommends Hydraway Drainage Systems for:

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