What Is the Hydraway Basement Waterproofing System?

Hydraway has built an excellent reputation for protecting investments of homeowners through innovative technology in advanced waterproofing systems. Hydraway can be installed in your basement or crawl space, used for exterior drainage, and installed behind retaining walls.

Hydraway will capture water before it enters your basement, relieving hydrostatic pressure and resulting in a dry, comfortable area. The Hydraway Drainage System protects your most significant investment using a four-step process.

First, our certified installer removes a small section of the floor in the affected area. Next, small weep holes are cored beneath the floor slab to release hydrostatic pressure (for block walls only). The Hydraway System, consisting of Hydraway 2000 and Hydraway 300, is then inserted. Lastly, the removed section of the concrete floor is repoured to original thickness, ensuring its structural integrity.

Benefits of Using the Hydraway Waterproofing System

In addition to a dry basement or crawl space, here are some other reasons to use the Hydraway Waterproofing System for your waterproofing installations.

    • Proven history of successful installations worldwide—residential, commercial, and industrial
    • Capacity to handle 70% more water than other methods—more significant relief from hydrostatic pressure
    • Polypropylene filtration ensures the Hydraway System will never clog—no known failures worldwide
    • Fusion bonding of the filter to the core adds significant strength to withstand extreme conditions
    • Long-term waterproofing
    • Removes water 70% faster
    • Warranty on workmanship and materials
    • No clogging or backups
    • Minimal disturbance to foundation and surrounding areas

Hydraway System Components

The Hydraway waterproofing system uses three components to remove moisture and keep it out of your home. These are:

  • Hydraway 2000 works to remove water and channel it far away from your home by working in tandem with Hydraway 300.
  • Hydraway 300 is situated in the weakest part of your foundation, where the floor meets the footing, to direct water toward the Hydraway 2000.
  • Hydrapump directs the water away from your home using a series of exterior pipes.

The Hydraway Drainage System is ideal for residences that suffer from poor drainage and leakage issues in their foundations or basement systems. The Hydraway Waterproofing System offers a better investment than the French drain or drain tile methods because it is a permanent solution that has zero instances of clogging or backed up water in the two decades Intech Anchoring has been installing the product.

Hydraway 2000

The specially engineered design of the Hydraway 2000 permits high flow rates for rapid dewatering of the soil while effectively preventing the passage of soil particles. It is constructed of heavy-duty, clog-resistant geotextile fabric, permanently bonded to lattice core of 75% available open space for water. The design of Hydraway allows it to relieve hydrostatic pressure by acting as a shallow underdrain. The Hydraway 2000 is a cost-effective and superior performing replacement for the French drain or other conventional drain tile systems.

Hydraway 300

Hydraway 300 captures water at the foundation’s weakest point—where the footing, the wall, and the floor meet. Hydraway 300 is widely used to relieve hydrostatic pressure against subsurface structures. This system provides a built-in protection board in one-piece construction.

Other applications include retaining walls, exterior foundations, planter boxes, landscaping, and sub-slab construction.


Once the Hydraway System drains water from the basement or crawl space, the water needs somewhere to go. Once installed, the Hydraway is connected to a sump pit that is situated within the soil. Inside the sump pit is a sump pump that pushes the water up and out of your basement through the discharge hose. The Hydrapump captures water from the Hydraway system and routes it through drain pipes to the exterior of the home.

Waterproofing System Installation

  • Small weep holes that provide an escape for trapped water are added beneath the floor slab in block walls only, effectively releasing hydrostatic pressure.
  • Hydraway 2000 material is inserted into the soil.
  • Hydraway 300 is installed above.
  • Concrete is then poured over the product to replace the foundation removed in step one.

Why Intech Anchoring?

The manufacturing and installation of the Hydraway Waterproofing Systems have been a focus of ours for over 20 years. Hydraway has become the preferred choice for many contractors due to its guaranteed lasting results and high compressive strengths.

Intech Anchoring and the Hydraway Waterproofing System have a proven history worldwide. The capacity and long-term effectiveness of our patented technology speak for themselves and make this the clear choice for your waterproofing needs.

To learn more about our patented Hydraway waterproofing technology, contact Intech Anchoring today.