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This TIP is intended to facilitate the process of a Mud Balance test. A Mud Balance test is used to find the specific gravity (SG) for the grout mixture. This is done by comparing the unit weight of the grout mixture to the unit weight of water. Five gallons of water mixed with a typical 94 lb. bag of type II Portland cement will give a specific gravity around 1.84, which typically corresponds to a 7-day compressive strength of 5,000 psi.




  1. 1. Ensure the entire assembly is clean and free of any residual grout
  2. 2. Prepare grout mix completely per manufacturer recommendations
  3. 3. BEFORE sending to the next tank, collect a sample in the cup of the mud balance and secure the lid
  4. 4. When the lid is placed, grout will weep from the hole in the center of the lid. If grout does not weep out of the hole of the lid, then the cup is not sufficiently filled
  5. 5. Thoroughly clean any excess grout from filling the cup off all exterior surfaces of the entire assembly
  6. 6. Place assembly in the case (there are pins to guide placement)
  7. 7. Slide the scale until the bubble level confirms it is balanced to confirm the specific gravity of the mix
  8. 8. A “thin mix” has a SG less than design, where more cement to water would need to be needed and a “fat mix” has a SG more than design, where less cement to water would be needed

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