Which One to Choose: Hollow Bar Micropiling or Solid Bar?

A micropile is a top-down operation using a single metal bar with a cement grout mixture to create a strong foundation for buildings or earth retention. Micropiles are small in diameter, ranging from a single inch to less than five, and are drilled into the ground and grouted with cement. A micropile is typically reinforced and may incorporate a steel casing or central steel core reinforcement.

Solid Bar Micropile

Solid bar micropiles are the conventional bars used to create a strong foundation. Solid bars require holes to be pre-drilled before the bar and cement grout is put into place. Solid bar micropiles are limited in use and can only be set in areas with a shallow rock foundation. Solid bars are very stiff throughout the soil strata, but casing is needed in soft soils.

When using solid bar micropiles, pre and post grouting is required. Based on the project, the grout surrounding micropiles is a neat cement of varying water consistency. The grout is injected into the drill hole while withdrawing temporary drill casing. This requires the use of several pieces of equipment: drills, drill bits, the steel bar, and steel casing.

Hollow Bar Micropile

In contrast, a hollow bar micropile requires no pre-drilling. As the hollow bar micropile is drilled into place, fine cement grouting is continuously injected until the hollow bar reaches its desired depth. In addition to continuous drilling and grouting, the hollow bar micropile uses casing for additional bearing capacity for lateral loads.

The Intech Anchoring hollow bar micropile can drill to any rock depth and is used for any soil type. Different sacrificial drill bits at the tip of the drill accommodate various soil types. The drill bits are designed to easily cut through hard rock, soft rock, or clay soils.

Hollow bar micropiles require less equipment than conventional micropiles and allow for easier access into limited space. A rock drill and grout plant is the only equipment necessary for Intech Anchoring hollow bar micropiles. The rock drill is a rotary and percussion drill that is small and easy to use. The grout plant is slightly larger and is a high shear and colloidal mixer, two-stage high pressure pump used to push grout into the drill and hollow bar.

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