Basement Wall Panel

Basement Moisture Control

Moisture entering a home’s foundation is a year-round concern for any homeowner; water seeping into a basement leads to damage that’s expensive to fix and increases the risk of mold growth.

When used in conjunction with the residential Hydraway Waterproofing System, Intech’s Wall Paneling System turns damp basements into comfortable living spaces.

Benefits of the Intech's Basement Paneling

Painted-on wall panels peel and fade over time, Intech’s system consists of rigid panels and is secured directly to basement walls.

Each panel is custom fit with matching connectors to create a tight seal that prevents water leakage. Other benefits of Intech’s wall paneling system include:

Easy to Clean
Intech’s Wall Panel System is very easy to clean; all that’s required is warm water to wash off any dirt and a towel for drying.

Intech’s Wall Panel System rigid panels are built to last the life of a basement and prevent moisture from staining walls. The panels are rigid, meaning the homeowner doesn’t have to worry about peeling or decaying panels.

Visually Pleasing
Intech’s Wall Panel System does more than prevent stains—it also turns a damp basement into a welcoming area and expands the living space of a home. Intech’s wall paneling is a textured white High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) that helps turn a dark basement into a beautiful space.

Dark and damp basements are a common breeding ground for mold spores and other dangerous bacteria. Our system keeps basements dry and prevents mold growth, which translates to healthy living spaces.

Basement Paneling is Ideal for New Construction & Older Homes

The best defense against basement water damage is prevention. Taking a proactive approach and installing the Hydraway Waterproofing System in homes built on floodplains shows potential buyers that you care about their safety. Intech’s Wall Panel System is an integral part of the Hydraway family that can provide homeowners with peace of mind knowing that their basement will be dry for as long as they own the home.

Offering Wall Paneling and More for Residential Contractors

The Hydra family of products is leading the market by providing the highest quality solutions as well as helping contractors throughout the process, including design and installation.

Quality assurance runs at the core of the Hydra products, and our systems have never failed due to a manufacturing defect. The other residential Hydra waterproofing products include:

Foundation Waterproofing
Proper foundation waterproofing helps prevent extensive damage to a home. Our foundation drainage solutions feature an industry-leading 80% inflow rate and eliminate water faster than traditional French drain products.

Indoor Drainage
Our indoor drainage solutions prevent future water and structural damage to a home. Water damage is expensive to repair, but our moisture control solutions are the most effective and keep basements dry.

Sump Pump Drainage
Standard basement systems are an effective solution for preventing water from entering homes, but they are often prone to failure. Our sump pump drainage system automatically activates when water enters a basement and quickly directs it away from the foundation.

Crawl Space Liners
Damp crawl spaces attract rodents and promote mold growth. Intech’s crawl space liner is a true vapor encapsulation system that’s flexible and provides a sealed barrier between a home and outside threats.

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