If you are not experiencing a leaky basement, but have concerns about the damage in the future, it might be wise to choose a waterproofing system for your home. After all, prevention now is far more economical than damage control later.

Two products you might consider are Hydrashield and Hydraliner. Both prevent water from leaking through your walls, and both will keep your basement dry.


This is a wall paneling system used in conjunction with the Hydraway Waterproofing System. The wall panels, unlike paint-on sealants or coatings, will not peel off with age. The panels come with matching connectors and are an aesthetically pleasing addition to your basement.

Benefits of Hydrashield

  • The bright color brings light to your basement
  • The panels are very durable
  • The system is easy to clean, with dirt simply being washed off


Hydraliner is a complete water protection system that can be installed in your basement or crawl space. These areas of your home often retain moisture, bringing humidity levels to well over 50%, and combined with low lighting, they are ideal places for mold and other bacteria to thrive. Hydraliner prevents the possibility of these growths.

Benefits of Hydraliner:

  • White color brightens your home’s basement or crawl space
  • Its flexibility allows for installation in almost any space and on any surface
  • Hydraliner is not easily damaged or torn
  • Very easy to clean, requiring only simple washing off of dirt

Basement Sealing Price

The price for sealing a basement against water damage depends on the size of your basement, the accessibility of your basement or crawl space, and any existing water damage.

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