Crawlspace Waterproofing

A dry crawl space is essential for protecting a home and its foundation from water. Waterproofing a crawl space can help prevent mildew or mold growth, water damage, and even insect damage. A reliable drainage system will help a crawl space remain dry and will prevent the collection of excess moisture, helping avoid costly crawl space repairs in the future.

Crawl Space Waterproofing Methods

Several methods are used to waterproof a crawl space; the most common one is installing a Hydraway Drainage System.

In this system, a sump pump is installed to direct water away from the crawl space. Hydraway systems guide excess water to a sump pump, and it is pushed away from your home’s foundation to prevent damage.

A backup solution, in the form of a backup battery case and charger, is also recommended to ensure continuous operation.

A moisture barrier system like the Hydraliner can be beneficial as well, protecting against insects and other critters while adding visual appeal to the crawl space with its bright white color.

Both the Hydraway Drainage System and the Hydraliner are made of clog-resistant materials and operate without any backups for 20 years. They are a dependable, long-lasting solution to the problem of leaking and flooding crawl spaces. These products will prevent future leaks, ultimately reducing the potential for water damage to the home.

Vapor Barrier for Crawlspace Waterproofing

Intech Anchoring provides contractors with an industry-leading vapor barrier product to seal off residential basements and crawlspaces from incoming moisture, insects, and rodents. The product, Hydraliner, provides complete protection in crawlspace and basements that retain water or moisture, which can create potential rot.

Hydraliner serves as a blockade to invasive animals such as termites, beetles, rodents, or snakes. These invasive animals can cause damage to exposed wood, thus putting the home at greater risk. Mold can harmful generate toxins; Humidity levels can range from 50%-90% in a crawlspace, which are perfect conditions for mold to grow. Hydraliner will help prevent mold in and around a home, leaving less allergens in the air.