Foundation Waterproofing & Sealing Services in the Midwest

Nearly a million homeowners face the serious issue of sinking foundations every year. Structures built on top of unstable soil begin to bow and settle when moisture infiltrates the soil, often due to ineffective drainage systems.  The changing pressure typically leads to a shift in your foundation, which will cause considerable damage to the structure of your home, including uneven floors and cracked walls. In order to re-stabilize the structure and prevent water from entering your home, it may be necessary to waterproof and seal the foundation.

Common Causes for Foundation Leakage

Overly saturated soil is one of the major problems that can lead to foundation leakage. The soil underneath the foundation of your home has the capacity to retain a great deal of gas and moisture. When soil has reached the maximum amount of water it can absorb, it can turn into mud and begin to drain downward or expand, putting significant pressure on your home’s foundation.

Gutter problems may also be a factor in foundation leakage. If your gutters were not installed correctly, are too close to your foundation, or have been damaged in some way, any excess water may be pouring directly into your foundation.

When to Seek Foundation Waterproofing Services

Cracks in the brickwork or blocked foundation of your home indicate a need for waterproofing services, even if no moisture has yet seeped in. These cracks will follow a specific pattern similar to that of a stair-step. The walls most prone to show signs of weakness are those with windows or doors. If you are concerned about foundation issues, make sure to examine these walls carefully for cracks that may be coming out of the corners of your doors or windows, and check to see if closed windows are still letting air in. Finally, if you have a chimney, look closely to see if it is beginning to sink or pull apart from the rest of your home. This is another early sign that your home may be facing foundation issues.

Foundation Waterproofing Solutions

The waterproofing solutions we provide vary depending on the severity and type of foundation issue. A leaking crack, for example, can be sealed with an epoxy or urethane injection system. The process is simple and can be completed with almost no disruption to your home. If necessary, we can reinforce the walls affected with carbon fiber, which provides incredible foundation support. In other situations, it may be necessary for the installation of the Hydraway Drainage System. This system collects any incoming water through the specially engineered and designed Hydraway material to drain water far away from your home. The Hydraway System is the only available drainage system proven to relieve hydrostatic pressure and prevent water entry. Hydraway provides long-term waterproofing for your home, and is a guaranteed, permanent solution that never backs up or gets clogged like traditional “perforated” pipe systems.

Why Choose Intech Anchoring for Foundation Waterproofing

Those suffering from problems with a leaking, sinking, or cracking foundation can trust Intech Anchoring to provide an expert assessment and permanent solution to the problem. A certified installer will first inspect the foundation of your home in order to determine its condition. Once finished with the inspection, we will provide you with a foundation waterproofing plan that is clear to understand and customized specifically for your home. Intech Anchoring offers a variety of interior and exterior waterproofing solutions. Contact us today at 800-223-7015 to find out which solution is ideal for your home and to discuss pricing estimates.