Sump Pump Drainage

Intech Anchoring offers sump pumps and battery backup sump pump systems that help ensure your customer’s basement stays dry. As part of the Hydraway Drainage System, the sump pump will perform to its fullest potential. Rated as one of the industries best sump pump options, you’ll have full confidence in your sump pump during even the heaviest rains.

Sump Pumps and Hydraway Drainage

When it rains, water enters through the installed Hydraway system, which surrounds the interior perimeter of the basement or crawlspace. The water that is collected by the Hydraway system travels to the sump liner where a submersible sump pump automatically removes the accumulated water through a discharge pipe.

In case of a power outage or primary sump pump failure, a battery backup is always recommended. The backup battery case & charger are positioned next to the sump liner.  In the event of high water in the sump liner, the water level float sensor will engage the system as well as an alarm to alert the homeowner the system is operating. The water is automatically pumped out of the sump liner through the discharge pipe.

Components of a Sump Pump

The Hydraway Drainage System is comprised of different parts that are all designed to keep your property dry. The sump pump consists of two main components, a specialized container to act as the sump basin and the pump itself, which may have a battery backup system to keep it functioning properly.

The sump pump works in unison with one of the main components of our drainage system, the Hydraway 2000. Once drained, the sump pump pushes water through an exterior pipe that connects to the outside of your home. In order to make sure the home has the maximum amount of protection, the pipe is buried several feet away from the property.

In case the home or property should suffer from a power outage, or if the primary pump fails, there is the option to install a battery backup case and charger near the sump liner. Whenever water levels reach a specific height, the water level float sensor engages the system and alerts the property owner by ringing an alarm that the pump is working. The water is then pumped out of the sump liner through the exterior pipe.

A sump pump is used to help keep your customer’s homes waterproofed in the event of water leakage or flooding. This prevents water from seeping into the interior of your foundation, which could cause a number of negative effects, such as the growth of harmful fungus, damage to material items, and even foundation shifts. Such shifts can cause the home to lose a substantial amount of value – and more seriously – can damage to the home’s stability.

Why Choose Intech Anchoring?

Intech Anchoring uses a superior product line of industry trusted methods to help keep moisture away from your basement and foundation. The Hydraway Drainage System is a state-of-the-art product that we have been manufacturing and installing for more than 20 years. We use this system because we have seen its superior results time after time; to date, there have been no instances of clogging or malfunction. The system can be used in a variety of settings such as homes, athletic fields, and highways and runways. An additional benefit of this cost-effective system is our range of accessories for the Hydraway Drainage System; such as our sump pumps and battery backup pump systems.