Golf Course Drainage System

Hydraway Drainage Systems from Intech Anchoring Systems can be widely used throughout a golf course. Hydraway can be installed in tee boxes, fairways, and greens to alleviate saturation problems that exist on most courses.

Facility managers are under persistent pressure to keep the courses healthy, attractive and ready for use. Heavy schedules and inclement weather conditions make this a major challenge because using courses during saturated conditions compacts the soil, which consequently threatens the turf.

Why Hydraway for Golf Course Drainage

Hydraway design allows the greatest amount of water inflow in the industry. Hydraway’s unique core design allows over 90% intake of water from all directions. Over 66 square inches per foot are open for water intake. If water has to seek holes to enter the drain, the system can’t fill up fast enough to move the water away effectively. Hydraway has no holes for water to get into. Underneath the heavy non-woven fabric is an HDPE core in a grid pattern that quickly allows water to enter and drained fast.

  • Faster drainage means keeping the courses available
  • Ease of installation as a simple trench machine will do the job or you can hire specialty turf contractors who have special equipment that will install Hydraway in a narrow 2” trench, up to 3,000 lineal feet per day.

Why Choose Hydraway?


Industry’s highest compressive strength


Industry’s highest in-flow rate


Industry’s highest compressive strength


No known product failures


Ease of installation means lower total installed cost


Removes water 70% faster than traditional methods of drainage

Hydraway comes in widths of 6 and 12 inches with a standard length of 150 feet — but can be customized in a variety of lengths and widths.

Hyraway is an industry-leading, innovative technology designed for rapid dewatering of golf courses.

Golf courses have unique drainage requirements. Variable terrain, sand traps, different types of grass: All of

it should be protected with proper drainage. But whether installing a new drainage system or retrofitting an
existing one, it should have minimal impact on the land, and the game.

Hydraway drainage system has a unique design and installation process that is more versatile than conventional perforated pipe systems, ensuring minimal disruption. And with the industry’s highest inflow rates and compressive strength, you can be sure your course – and tee time – will be protected for years to come.

Unique Installation

Golf courses that use a classic perforated drain pipe system experience less effective drainage and run a risk of clogging or worse, failure.

Hydraway’s unique design and installation process are tailored for a green, fairway, or sand cap. We design and customize the system for your unique application. 

Our goal is your goal: Protect the course and provide a consistent experience for the players.

Property Test Method Unit of Measurement
Elongation ASTM D-4632-91 50%
Grab Tensile ASTM D-4632-92 120 lbs
Flow Rate ASTM D-4491 135 gal/mn/ft2 (3)
Compressive Strength ASTM D-695/1621 (4) 11,400 PSF
Flow Rate at 1,500 PSF ASTM D-47162 (2) 21 GPM/ft-width
Peel Strength (3) ASTM D-1876 50 lbs/ft-width
  1. 4 oz fabric
  2. Gradient of 0.1
  3. Values shown are in weaker principal direction. Minimum average roll values are calculated as the typical minus two standard deviations. Statistically, it yields a 97.7% degree of confidence that nay samples taken from quality assurance testing will exceed the value reported.
  4. Modification was made to an existing ASTM test since a recognized test method had not been established for this type of product at time of testing.

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