Concrete Facts

  • Product Family MAGNACORE
  • Subcategory ELEMENT
  • TIP Category DESIGN

Compressive strength vs curing time

The table below shows the approximate compressive strength of the concrete in relation to the number of days after the concrete has been poured.

Days Compressive Strength
1 Day 16%
3 Day 40%
7 Day 65%
14 Day 90%
28 Day 99%

Grout admixtures or replacements for drilling:

  1. 1. Super mud is a non-cementitious material commonly used in drilling. It is used to constantly flow through the center of the drill to flush out dirt and rock to
    prevent clogging.
  2. 2.Flushing grout is another technique used like super mud, to keep the drill clear from any clogging. Flushing grout uses a low cement to water ratio to maintain a higher consistency than water but a lower consistency than structural grout.
  3. 3.Super plasticizer is another admixture that can be added to a concrete mixture. Super plasticizers reduce the amount of water needed in the mix, and in turn increase the cement’s strength by increasing the density and lowering the permeability

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