Let’s Review the Different Types of Ground Anchors

When a building site needs to be excavated and requires the need for securing the slope or hillside, you may be in need of Ground Anchors, which are often referred to as Soil Screws or Soil Nails.  There are different variations of ground anchors that can be installed to hold the earth in place so you can safely complete your project. Let’s look at the different ground anchor types that Intech Anchoring offers to this specialty construction market. Then you can determine which anchor type meets your project’s earth anchoring requirements.

What Types of Ground Anchors Do We Offer?

We offer three main types of anchors, and each type has its own applications, installation methods, and advantages. These anchor types include:

    • Soil nails: Soil nailing systems are horizontal elements installed through the excavated cut in a slop or excavation.  These excavated lifts of 5’ to 7’ allow for rows of soil nails to be installed at a spacing sufficient to secure the soil together and permit additional excavation lifts to safely occur. Soil Nails, closely spaced  elements, such as Magnacore Hollow Bars, work as a system to hold the soil structures in place, acting as a form of earth retention. The soil nail installation process occurs in two steps: first, a specialty contractor installs soil nails at the top of the slope’s excavation and works downward; second, they apply a temporary or permanent facing, such as wire mesh and shotcrete, integrated to the soil nails to retain the soil. Soil nails work best for the following applications: Slope stabilization, excavations for below grade structures and hillside retention.
    • Ground Screws: Commonly referred to as Soil Screws, they are similar to soil nail elements in that they are installed through the face of an excavation to retain or hold back a block of soil.  CHANCE is the leading manufacturer of helical soil screws. Each soil screw element has a series of helical plates welded to a central steel shaft. These helical plates extend along the full length of the screw to engage the entire block of soil that is being secured. Soil screws are lateral elements that stabilize soil for either temporary or permanent earth shoring applications. A main advantage of a Soil Screw versus a Soil Nail is that the Soil Screw does not require grout to engage the soil.  The helical plates along the shaft is what helps to lock in the soil to secure the slope or excavation. Soil screws work well for similar applications as soil nails, such as earth retention and slope stabilization.
    • Tieback Anchors: Tieback anchors are horizontal elements that reinforce retaining walls, basement foundations, or earth shoring walls. CHANCE is the leading manufacturer of the Helical Tieback Anchors distributed by Intech Anchoring.  Contractors drill or screw tieback anchors into place and install these earth anchors in segments. Then using a plate, whaler or other form of termination, they secure the tieback anchors to the wall or foundation structure. Tieback anchors work well for projects with limited access since they come in segments that are easily connected together as the element advances. They have the following applications: retaining walls, seawalls, earth shoring, sheet piling, and timber and lagging walls.

Intech Anchoring supplies
Soil Nails, Soil Screws, Helical Tieback and Earth Anchors to specialty contractors for both commercial and residential applications. No matter the type of anchor, screw or nail you need to secure the earth or hold back a slope, you can trust Intech Anchoring and our technical support to guide you through the process.

What Brands of Anchors, Tieback and Soil Nails Do We Offer?

We provide CHANCE helical anchors, soil screws and tieback and Magnacore self-drilling anchors for soil nailing. CHANCE helical anchors have been a leader in the helical screw and anchoring industry dating back to 1907.  Intech Anchoring is the exclusive distributor of CHANCE anchoring products in the Midwest and the exclusive distributor of Magnacore in North America. Contractors have grown to trust Intech Anchoring Systems because of our technical support, large inventors and cost effective solutions help them secure work while protecting their reputation.Get Your Earth Anchors From Intech Anchoring

If your civil construction

or building project needs earth anchors, helical tiebacks, soil screws or soil nails, reach out to Intech Anchoring today. We provide the right solutions for your project’s requirements.

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