Sports Field Drainage Design Solutions

The technology behind Hydraway Drainage Systems sets it apart from your other options in athletic field water drainage. Our in-house, patented systems allow for a high inflow rate of water while still resisting clogging from silt and soil.

The Hydraway system is easy to install and saves time on labor costs when compared to other drainage options. The system lets water flow over 70% of its surface for rapid dewatering of everything from natural grass to synthetic turf.

The experts at Intech Anchoring Systems have over 20 years of experience in selecting the optimal engineering solutions. Hydraway impressed us so much we chose to own, manufacture, and distribute it ourselves. The entire Hydraway Drainage line of products is backed by our professional stamp of approval and customer support.

Whether you have a sports turf field or natural grass, it likely costs you a substantial amount of money to either install or maintain throughout the year. Our drainage solutions protect the investment you’ve made in your athletic fields by prolonging their life and preventing drainage problems like standing water.

It’s not always just about being able to play on the field, either. You could have ticket sales, concessions, and teams of players depending on your fields to be playable. A playable field is a profitable field. Let Intech and Hydraway protect your investment and guarantee your field’s state of play.

Natural or Synthetic Athletic Field Drainage

Natural grass sports fields come with the added challenge of not being perfectly flat. This playing surface can be preferred for certain sports, but it comes with the unique drainage challenge of coping with nature’s designs over man’s. Hydraway is the best drainage solution available on the market today. It is available in multiple widths and optimized for use in all types of sports fields.

Even the technical features of a synthetic turf field are well complemented by the Hydraway Drainage Solution. It is simple and straightforward to mesh this athletic drainage system with those types of synthetic features. Save time and labor by choosing Hydraway for your sports field, no matter what type of athletic surface you have.

Athletic Field Drainage Systems Ready for Any Sport

Our drainage systems can enhance golf courses, tennis courts, soccer and football fields, European futbol fields, and even rugby pitches. These environments are dependent on level playing fields and require surface drainage that can perform year round. Don’t want to worry about erosion, standing water, or ground freezing and thawing damage? Take advantage of Hydraway Drainage Systems today and protect your athletic fields for years to come.

Depending on your sport, your field and turf could be in for years of punishment from harsh weather, athlete cleats, and wear and tear from the various teams. Turf and grass that drains well is much more likely to stand up to this punishment and bounce back every time. The Hydraway Drainage System is a one-time investment that pays for itself several times over throughout the life of your athletic fields. Don’t miss out on everything it has to offer.

Give Your Sports Field Drainage Contractor a Hand

It falls on contractors and facility managers to maintain the conditions of your athletic fields. They have to worry about the impact of inclement weather, the safety of players on the field, and the entertainment value of a well-maintained sports field. Poorly maintained fields look sloppy, contribute to player injuries, and give a bad impression to any visiting team. You can give your sports field contractor and facilities manager a hand by selecting the Hydraway Drainage System.

Ensure player safety and a better experience for the fans who show up to watch the game by taking care of the field drainage as early as possible. A professional athletic field attracts fans, players, and competitive teams alike. Rely on Intech Anchoring Systems and our years of expertise in engineering solutions that support the Hydraway System. To learn more about how Hydraway Drainage Systems are the perfect solution for your athletic fields, contact Intech Anchoring Systems today.

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