Feed Systems

Intech Anchoring offers a full line of feed systems available for purchase or rent to support our Magnacore and Atlas Copco product lines.

Intech Anchoring offers hydraulic limited access micropile drill rigs that are capable of installing micropiles in the most difficult areas. Whether you need limited access installation, skid steer, or excavator mounted, Intech Anchoring has your hollow bar installation solution.

excavator mounted

Excavator Mounted

Includes HEM Feed, Drifter, either 560 or 360, and Adapter for the Excavator

Drill rig

Man Portable

Includes MP260 Feed (Man Portable), Drifter, and DM360 Power Pack

Skid Steer Equipment

Skid Steer Mounted

Includes PCF6 Feed System, Drifter, either 560 or 360, and Universal Skid Steer Attachment Plate

Why Intech Anchoring

Intech Anchoring does more than sell and ship you the product and equipment you need; we are a smart, reliable asset to ensure quality assurance and effective project management.

After purchasing your necessary products, Intech Anchoring will provide continual support through the entire project, including equipment, engineering guidance, load testing, installation expertise, competitive pricing, rental equipment, field supervision, alongside training and support for installation and usage on-site. We will ensure proper training has been suggested for all projects and products that need it.

Our trained and certified engineers will help you choose the best product to complete your job at a price that fits your budget. Each job is different from the ground on which you are building to the size of the project itself, which is why we aren’t a one-size fits all organization.

This added service is all part of the Intech Anchoring experience. When you purchase with Intech Anchoring, you are also acquiring a partner.