Hydraulic Hollow Bar Rock Drills

Intech Anchoring offers hydraulic drifters and rock drills available for rental or purchase to support the Magnacore product line.

Rock Drills and Drifters offered by Intech Anchoring incorporate a patented feature that only allows full percussion power when the drill string is engaged. By eliminating dry firing in the percussion unit, this simple feature extends the lifetime of the drill.  Intech Anchoring supplies some of the most technically advanced drilling equipment available today.

Hydraulic Drifters for Rent











Impact Energy65 to 95 ft/lbs90 to 120 ft/lbs190 to 315 ft/lbs
Impact Frequency3,600 to 5,000 BPM3,400 to 4,200 BPM3,500 to 2,200 BPM
Supply Pressure2,250 PSI2,250 PSI2,500 PSI
Percussion Flow17 GPM20 GPM23 GPM
Output Power9.85 HP12.4 HP21 HP
Rotation Torque200 ft/lbs1,800 ft/lobs3,000 ft/lbs
Rotation SpeedUp to 250 RPMUp to 250 RPMUp to 250 RPM
Rotation Flow5 GPM10 GPM15 GPM
Weight144 lbs210 lbs544 lbs
Compatible WithR32S, R38N, T40R32S, R38N, T40All

Why Intech Anchoring

Intech Anchoring does more than sell and ship you the product and equipment you need; we are a smart, reliable asset to ensure quality assurance and effective project management.

After purchasing your necessary products, Intech Anchoring will provide continual support through the entire project, including equipment, engineering guidance, load testing, installation expertise, competitive pricing, rental equipment, field supervision, alongside training and support for installation and usage on-site. We will ensure proper training has been suggested for all projects and products that need it.

Our trained and certified engineers will help you choose the best product to complete your job at a price that fits your budget. Each job is different from the ground on which you are building to the size of the project itself, which is why we aren’t a one-size fits all organization.

This added service is all part of the Intech Anchoring experience. When you purchase with Intech Anchoring, you are also acquiring a partner.