Venting & Soil Gas Management

Venting & Soil Gas Management Solutions


The Hydravent Venting System is a perfect solution for agricultural sites where effective venting is required.


The Hydravent Venting System works in tandem to prevent both landfill surface runoff and damage to liners caused by soil gas.

Wastewater Lagoons

Wastewater lagoon venting is important to maintain the life of the lagoon. When methane gas forms under the liner, the liner develops “whale backs” or gas pockets and the capacity of lagoon is reduced as methane gas tries to escape from under the liner. Hydravent is the solution to preventing methane gas build up.

Mine Tailings

Mine tailings are the waste products of a mining operation. Often toxic, the mining industry is compelled to meet certain regulatory conditions to avoid tailings contamination of groundwater.

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