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Multiple Reasons to Perform Deep Foundation Repair

Earth retention systems are recommended when there is the potential for earth movement in your project. These temporary or permanent solutions are typically involved when you expect the retaining soil to experience a natural, unstably slow, or planned excavation. Our geotechnical engineers are equipped with in-depth knowledge to speak with contractors and recommend the right deep foundation systems based on the physical properties of the project site and the best option for soil stabilization. In this blog, we’ll discuss the details and applications of tieback anchors, soil nailing, and ground screws.

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The design and later construction of any earth anchor is often complicated thanks to soil structure, depth of the groundwater, possible weather conditions, superimposed loads, seismic loads, and adjacent construction. On top of that, earth anchors like this are used and recommended in a wide variety of civil engineering and construction projects. They can be used to:

  • Support an excavation
  • Shore up existing adjacent structures
  • Stabilize a natural or man-made slope
  • Bulkhead support and remediation

Earth anchors are used to provide lateral support of shoring systems. Project leaders and contractors must exercise extreme caution during any shoring excavation. Safety is, as always, of the utmost importance. Intech Anchoring understands how these hazards connect to earth shoring systems and the overall critical nature of safety in those situations.

Our many years of experience and well-founded technical expertise enable us to provide dependable earth retention and shoring services. The shoring for an excavation can be influenced by vibrations from nearby traffic, railways, and any heavy machinery operated nearby. Underpinning the adjacent structures reduces the load on an excavation wall and lowers the risk of building settlement.

Deep Foundation Earth Anchor Systems

The team at Intech Anchoring is always ready and willing to work with your personnel to determine the best solution for your situation. We maintain a diverse product inventory to be prepared for any scenario. We also maintain an extensive inventory in our multiple locations to ensure reliable lead times for your product delivery and order fulfillment.

Tieback Anchors

A tieback is a horizontal rod used to reinforce retaining walls for greater stability. One end of the tieback is secured to the wall while the other end is anchored into the earth with sufficient resistance. They offer quick and efficient installation to reduce labor hours and limit the room for error. There is also minimal vibration in the soil or earth displacement during installation. It is an excellent solution for areas of limited access or reinforcing retaining walls.

Soil Nailing

Soil nails are hollow, threaded, steel rods used to stabilize slopes and structures at shallow or deep depths. They combine drilling, placing, and grouting into one step for simplicity in application. Soil nailing is recommended for earth retention, tieback wall alternative for temporary excavation, slope stabilization, landslide remediation, and widening roadways under existing bridges.

Ground Screws

Ground screws are also often called soil screws or earth screws. They consist of a helical end-bearing plate welded to a central steel shaft acting as a large-scale “earth screw” that is drilled into lateral walls for support. Retention systems that rely on ground screws help with lateral stabilization for temporary or permanent walls, similar to tieback walls. However, specialized equipment is not required for the installation of ground screws. Any drill motor with sufficient torque output can be attached to a backhoe or skid loader.

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