Magnacore Tieback Anchor

A tieback is a horizontal rod used to reinforce retaining walls for stability. With one end of the tieback secured to the wall, the other end is anchored into the earth with sufficient resistance.

Tieback and anchoring systems from Intech Anchoring are hollow, threaded, steel rods that can extend to any length in all soil and rock conditions to meet your project needs. The Intech Anchoring Magnacore® system is used to stabilize slopes, foundations, and structures at shallow or deep depths. This is a quick installation that combines drilling, placing, and grouting in one operation. This allows the wall system to be suitable for working in a limited space.

By using Magnacore SDAs for Tieback systems, you can save time and money with quick, efficient, all-in-one installation. Magnacore has high production capabilities with minimal vibration or displacement of soil during installation. You can determine instant load capacity and continuously monitor installation torque with Magnacore Tieback Anchors for retaining walls. Because of Magnacore’s unique design, they can be used as earth shoring in areas of limited access.

Features & Advantages of Magnacore

  • Ideal anchor system for unyielding ground conditions
  • Combines drilling, placing, and grouting in one step
  • The self-drilling system eliminates a cased borehole
  • Simultaneous drilling and grouting possible
  • Easy installation in all directions, including upward
  • Suitable for working in areas with limited space and height and difficult access
  • Simple post grouting system

Typical Applications for Tieback Anchors

  • Reinforcing retaining walls
  • Areas of limited access
  • Most soil and rock conditions

Solid Bar versus Hollow Bar Anchors

Solid Bar

  • Pre-drilling required
  • Limited to shallow rock
  • Very stiff throughout soil strata
  • Casing needed in soft soils
  • Pre- and post-grouting required
  • Several pieces of equipment

Magnacore Tieback Hollow Bar Anchor

  • No pre-drilling
  • Rock at any depth
  • Can be installed in all soil types
  • Casing for lateral loads
  • Grouting completed during install
  • Only need rock drill and grout plant

Tieback Anchor Sacrificial Bits

The holes in each bit allow the grout/drilling solution to flow as the SDA is advanced, simultaneously creating the column.

  • Tungsten Carbide Button Bit for hard rock (limestone, shale)
  • Tungsten Carbide Cross Cut Bit for softer rock (sandstone, soft shale, or fractured rock)
  • Clay Bit ideal for mixed fills and clay

Magnacore Tieback Anchor Quote

Interested in Magnacore SDAs for your next tieback anchoring project? Contact us today for a custom quote on hollow bar rods, sacrificial bits, and installation equipment. Use the contact for to the right, or call us at 800-223-7015.

Cost-Effective, Professional Foundation Solutions From Intech Anchoring

When you are looking for high-quality anchoring products and geostructural engineering solutions, you won’t find a provider better than Intech Anchoring. We have over 20 years of experience and an extensive inventory of products to draw from. The team at Intech Anchoring is not dependant on just one brand name when it comes to manufacturers because our first loyalty is to the needs of customers. Whether you need earth retention soil nails, carbon fiber concrete repair kits, or retaining wall tieback anchors, we have the appropriate tools for your project.     

On top of the library of solutions that we offer, Intech Anchoring also comes with the engineering expertise of our entire team. We will make recommendations geared toward your unique needs, and we have personnel who are available to be on site for the execution of your project.

They will be there to ensure that the products we supply are coordinated properly and according to appropriate engineering specifications. We even provide field certification services along with product and installation training tailored to the requirements of your projects.

To learn more about Magnacore Tieback Anchors, contact Intech Anchoring today.

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