Rock Drill Maintenance

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TIP Description

This TIPs sheet provides several ways to maintain your skid steer and excavator. Following these practices will optimize future uses and increase longevity.

Best Tips:

  1. 1. Check for wear on your centralizer gates before and after each use to ensure your machine is running in optimal conditions.
  2. 2. Grease often. There are several grease points within the machine, it is best practice to ensure those are well-greased during use to allow the machine to run smoothly.
  3. 3. Check Nylatron Wearpads for any possible wear. Over time, these wearpads become thin through constant use, so to ensure efficient
  4. 4. Check that your hydraulic hose connections are tight and that your hoses are free of any potential snagging.
  5. 5.Use Rock Drills Biodegradable Rock Drill Oil for optimal use.
  6. 6.Over time, feed rail chains will loosen causing excessive wear on the primary sprocket of the feed rail chain. Check the brass ring within the sprocket to see if any signs of wear. If not, proceed to tighten as normal, checking rigidity at the middle of the chain.
  7. 7. The mist pump accessory can serve a double purpose as a pressure washer. A best practice is to clean the machine in between uses to increase the longevity of the machine.
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